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The beginning of the world famous Ligne Roset brand was a humble one, with Antoine Roset opening a factory for wood processing in the town of Montagnieu in the Ain Province of France.

At his factory by the forests of Montagnieu, Antoine Roset started off by producing high quality wooden umbrellas, walking sticks and chair frames. Antoine’s grandson Jean, after WWII shifted the focus of the company to producing quality furniture for hospitals, retirement homes and schools. Due to this professional shift and assistance from Jean’s sons the company was able to enter the domestic market and to collaborate with talented, well-known furniture designers. This move to the domestic market would prove to be extremely successful and would turn the name Ligne Roset into a household one concerning high quality design furniture. In 1973 the first store was opened and presented to the design world the iconic furniture piece Togo by Michel Ducaroy. The rest you can say is history as Ligne Roset operates 200 stores worldwide and has well over 900 retail distributors around the globe. At Ligne Roset you can find furniture, mattresses, linens, lighting, and décor such as rugs, textiles, vases, etc. All of the Ligne Roset products are made in Briord, France. If you wish for high quality, eco-friendly furniture made in France by a family owned company known for its craftsmanship and unique, innovative design, Ligne Roset is the brand for you.


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