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Not only the unusual name but also especially its interior design projects place the oooox architectural studio high above the other numerous architectural studios in Prague.

The oooox architectural studio based in Prague is involved mainly with the implementation of interiors and therefore influences the appearance from the very beginning. The aim of its architects is to project such interiors that will be original and at the same time practical. Moreover, the studio is able to execute its orders in all their comprehensiveness thanks to a well-tried network of suppliers and experts, and to implement a perfect interior to the last detail. Clients of the oooox architectural studio can enjoy a well running implementation and not have to deal with problems that usually accompany a construction project, as the studio architects are able to represent its clients in all phases of a given project. The oooox studio offers its clients high-quality visualizations in a perfect photorealistic form that makes the communication between an architect and the client easier and that captures with an utmost authenticity the intended look of the given interior. Visual originality and functionality are the main characteristics of interiors implemented by the Prague-based oooox architectural studio. If these qualities are also your priorities then you have found architects whose ideas will resonate with yours. You may also like the fact that the studio does not take part in any tenders but cooperates only with clients who choose it on the basis of its portfolio. If you are looking for original home decor and accessories, do not miss Loooox, where you can find a wide array of everything design for your home. 

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