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Wine Food Market

If you so happen to find yourself craving the fresh burst of an authentic sun-dried tomato or the meaty consistency of a massive olive, or perhaps you long to taste a cup of bitter Italian espresso on your lips, or you simply want to sample some of the best wines the world has to offer, then you must visit the gorgeous and romantic country of Italy. If you wish to fulfill your Italian food craving now and do not have time for a leisurely trip to Italy, do not fret for the city of Prague boasts the Wine Food Market establishment where you can sample and purchase all things Italian.

The Wine Food Market has establishments in Prague’s Smíchov, Dejvice and Průhonice. These fine venues which double as Italian grocery stores and comfortable wine bars, offer a large variety of wine and goods that are imported directly from Italian producers, ensuring high quality. It is interesting to note for example that Wine Food Market imports wine and groceries from local family firms and that emphasis is always put on quality and variety in order to offer new specialties. At the Wine Food Market you can find famous Chianti from Tuscany, fresh wines from the Alto Adige region, grappa, brandy and Bombardino, Piemonte cheese, delectable Parmesan cheese, salami from Tuscany, olive oils, a wide variety of balsamic vinegars, handmade pasta, tasty sun-dried tomatoes, Cantuccini almond cookies from Tuscany, biscotti, cookbooks and much more. What’s more the Wine Food Market in Smíchov boasts a seasonal offer of fresh truffles from Piemonte. At Wine Food Market you can sample Italian cheese, salami and wine in order to further your experience of sampling all the best Italy has to offer! If you feel like shopping from the convenience of your own home, Wine Food Market also features a comprehensive e-shop. Enjoy the finer things in life with wine and goods from Wine Food Market!

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    Strakonická 1,Praha 5 – Smíchov,Průhonice
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