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By choosing DEVOTO as their company name, the founders of this Czech furniture company wanted to bring back the devotion to traditional artisan work, the material of wood and timelessness.

The company operates in the field of children's and student furniture and specializes both in serial production of thoroughly designed, top-quality furniture and collaboration with leading Czech designers and architects. Together with famous Czech names & groups such as Designist, Mimosa, Flatwhite, Domesi and many others, DEVOTO works on implementations of both private and commercial interiors. However, interiors are not the only result coming of those collaborations – DEVOTO works on solitary projects too. In 2016, the company crafted a quite special cradle according to a concept designed by the Czech designer duo, Vrtiška-Žák. This cradle was named TUTU and won the award for "The Best New Furniture" at Designblok in the very same year. Philosophy of this furniture brand, which was established in 2008 by Lukáš Lédl and Petr Porta, is to design and produce children's and student furniture that is perfectly crafted down to the tiniest detail, is secure and practical, and features a distinctive, stylish design that is fun not only for children but also adults. There is passion behind DEVOTO furniture and its current shape and design – a lot of hard work, devotion and effort are taken to design the best possible furniture for children beyond today's serial production. The products by DEVOTO are made of environmentally friendly, time-tested and certificated materials. They are produced in a lovely workshop in Libčice nad Vltavou by a well-coordinated team of designers and cabinetmakers. Thanks to a typically delicate design that combines subtle shades of pastel colors, naturally treated wood, rounded shapes and clear lines, DEVOTO furniture is becoming quite iconic. To ensure maximal safety for children, DEVOTO only works with top-quality hinges (w/ lifetime warranty,) concealed drawer slides and the finest materials. Rooms for kids can be more atmospheric with DEVOTO handmade accessories, such as lamps, wall clocks, cloth toys, bean bags and much more. In case you enjoy the combination of fine craftsmanship and smart design that is super secure, yet gives a child space to be a child, visit the DEVOTO showroom in Libčice nad Vltavou and find some real interior design inspiration!

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    Areál Šroubáren 43,Libčice nad Vltavou (showroom & workshop)
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