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Minarik Dressage

If you are looking for a premiere horseback riding facility in Prague at which to train yourself or your horse, raise your sights to Minarik Dressage.

Offering Prague riding lessons to riders of all levels, from beginners to advanced Dressage at the Grand Prix level, Minarik Dressage is the mecca for dressage-style horseback riding in Prague. Its spacious barn with 15 box-stalls, several high-quality schooling horses, and large indoor and outdoor schooling arenas will insure plenty of premium practice for students. Located in Neveklov near Benešov, just a few minutes outside of Prague, Minarik Dressage offers semi-annual riding clinics, such as the June 2012 clinic with British rider Serena Pincus featured on EquiTV. In addition to such exciting special events, Minarik also offers regular Dressage riding lessons, horse boarding and training, as well as an excellent range of award-winning equestrian-themed art painted by the trainers themselves, namely Filip Minařík and Kateřina Bártová. Their painting have been on display at Galerie Equi-Art, The National Horse Museum in Slatinany, and in various galleries across Ireland. Filip Minařík's painting was awarded Best Racing Picture of the Year by Horse and Hound Magazine. After experiencing the world of horse racing in Ireland, Filip Minařík and Kateřina Bártová were inspired to delve deeper into the world of horse training and care, and today they are the proud holders of many internationally-recognized titles and awards and strive to improve the lives of each horse entrusted to them through providing the best care possible as well as exceptional training. Having trained under famous British rider David Pincus, the trainers at Minarik Dressage are well-prepared to pass along the best training in Dressage to advanced riders as well as to beginners, and they welcome riders of all levels. Preparing students for international exams and placements such as the stages offered by the British Horse Society, as well as the Czech basic rider's and instructor's exams, are only some of the things Minarik Dressage can achieve.

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