Interior Designers

Martina Schultes

Address: Slezská 134, Praha 3, +420 774 51 40 51,

Martina Schultes, experienced interior designer, places aesthetic emphasis on pure lines, elegant timelessness, and creating a perfect harmony of materials and colors.

This renowned designer specializes in elegant interior designs for apartments and family houses, as well as for public spaces such as hotels and bars. Since 2004, when she finished studying interior design in California, she participated in a number of interesting projects which stand out above the average for their aesthetic perfection and cohesive yet creative character. Her goal, when designing interiors, is to find a solution that respects the lifestyle and personality of the owner but also captures the genius loci and accommodates the possibilities of the place. She enjoys creating imaginative and practical layouts, thoughtfully considers the details of the interior and proposes authentic tailor-made design elements. Martina Schultes will ensure the complete solution of the project and she represents her clients and their best interests in all stages of the process.