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Prague's Best Bars

Hemingway Bar

In the winding streets of Old Town sits one of the most intimate, classy and intriguing bars in Prague - Hemingway Bar.

Named after and influenced by Ernest Hemingway, one of the greatest American authors ever to live and grace the world of writing with his genius, Hemingway Bar is a lovely place to sample a variety of high quality liquors and more, and with the bar’s extensive rum selection of over 200 different brands and types you will not want for more! This classic cocktail bar serves up strong, delectable cocktails, some of which are expressive twists on original cocktail favorites, allmade with premium products and the freshest of ingredients. To make it all the more interesting and worth your evening of bar hopping, Hemingway Bar offers a unique collection of Absinthe, ensuring that you can hang with the elusive green fairy all the colorful night long. It is easy to see Ernest Hemingway’s influence on the interior of the bar as it features dark wood, dark brown leather couches, typewriters, cigar boxes, a fireplace, bottles of liquor, and more, making it both classy and manly - all in all a perfect place to sip on a delicious drink. Hemingway Bar also offers their Hemingway cocktail services if you happen to be throwing a private party and are in need of bartenders; visit www.hemingwaybar.cz for further information.

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    Karolíny Světlé 26,Praha 1
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