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closer architects

The closer architects architectural studio aims to establish the closest possible cooperation with its clients when creating an architectural project, as well as with craftsmen during the project’s implementation.

The Prague-based architectural studio closer architects was founded in 2005 by students of architecture at the Faculty of Architecture of the Czech Technical University in Prague and in the course of time the team crystallized into a two-member team consisting of architects Martin Čermák and Matěj Beránek. Together they create original architecture and designs, custom made to individual clients. Closer architects will design a comprehensive architectural project for you elaborated to the very last detail – from initial studies that the architects create from the very beginning in 3D so that they can elaborate each detail, remove possible problematic places and look at the project from all angles, to designs of custom furniture from various materials and designs of various interior accessories, such as crystal chandeliers. Within its Door Design company closer architects also offer their own design line of hidden doors and handles. In their designs closer architects aim to sensitively set the particular building in the surrounding terrain and design effective solutions for all operational and functional matters. If you are looking for reliable partners that will cooperate closely with you on designing your future housing, contact closer architects.

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