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Prague's Best Bars

Black Angel's Bar

The Prague Black Angel's Bar is designed in the style of American public houses of the 1930s where people of all social strata met to have a good drink after a hard day of work at the time of prohibition.

As a “secret” enterprise Black Angel's Bar is situated in the second basement of the U prince hotel on the world famous Old Town Square in Prague. The atmosphere created by the idea of a secret get together for a glass of alcohol is made all the more magical as the bar’s interior is an old cellar with original Gothic and Romanesque stone walls. The unique interior of the bar is a joint collaboration between head barman Pavel Šíma and Zdeněk Kaštánek, head bartender at the London bar Quo Vadis. Taste any of the great cocktails, made from original recipes from the 1920s, “Tiki” drinks from the 1950s and 1960s, or modern cocktails from the “Molecular mixology“ and “Black Angel's Cocktails” menu sections. Whatever cocktail you choose you can be sure that it is made of the freshest ingredients, homemade syrups and fresh juices. If you prefer wine, you will certainly be pleased with the wide offer of high-quality wines from France, Italy, Spain, Chile and Argentine or authentic Champagne. If you feel like eating something, do not despair, for Black Angel's Bar can offer you fully-fledged satisfaction with their delicious dishes, such as beef tartare with croutons, escargots baked in garlic butter, boiled Canadian lobster served with fresh vegetables, and more. Spend a great night out on the town at Black Angel's Bar and enjoy the atmosphere of the 1920s!

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    Staroměstské náměstí 29,110 00 Praha 1
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