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Šárka Špačková and Olga Frydecká like to let each element in an interior sufficiently stand out, whether this is an armchair or a picture. Their work in the area of interior design in Prague can be perfectly summed up in Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's words: “good design comes when it is no longer possible to take anything away”.

Architect Olga Frydecká and interior designer Šárka Špačková have been working together designing and implementing residential and commercial interiors since 1997, when they founded Studio Gens. In their work they mutually complement each other perfectly. They also agree that it is necessary to enhance each room with a more conspicuous piece, whether this is a picture, a piece of design furniture, a plant or a photograph of your family. They always try to respect the atmosphere of a given space and its historic past, as well as the personality and wishes of its clients. They do not merely follow the latest trends in interior design at all costs, as so many do these days; instead, they stick to simplicity, natural materials and light shades especially with respect to larger pieces. They prefer a minimalist approach, resulting in perfect interiors that look harmonious, attractive and functional. In 2000, Studio Gens was awarded the coveted Dobrý Design 2000 Award (Good Design 2000) for its collection of carpets. Olga Frydecká and Šárka Špačková also design custom-made furniture for individual interiors.

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