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Located in Žižkov is James Hair, a reputable hair salon with a talented team of hair professionals, headed by their head stylist, James.

This prestigious Prague hair salon presents the attractive combination of highly professional, expert hair cutting/styling/coloring services together with downright friendly atmosphere in a comfortable interior. The stylists, together with James regularly attend beauty seminars, so that they are always perfecting and adding to their knowledge of hair based on current trends and methods. Because of the continuing education of James and his staff members that they receive not only at international seminars but also at highly competitive competitions you can bet that whether you want a modern, innovative do or a classically beautiful hairstyle, you will be satisfied at James Hair. Whatever you wish for in the world of hairstyling can be yours at James Hair, and with the bilingual Czech and English staff you will have no problem asking. It is interesting to note that the man himself, James has had years of international experience that includes cutting hair in England, New York and Prague. In fact, James has even had the honor of cutting the locks of Cherie Blair, Mary McAleese, Kateřina Neumannová, Kirstin Dunst, Dana Morávková and many other local celebrities, although with his expertise perhaps one could say that the above-mentioned celebrities had the honor of James cutting their hair! If you happen to be searching for a new hair stylist in the city of Prague and wish for top upmost professionalism and innovation in styling, James Hair is the place for you.

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    Kostnické náměstí 719/2,Praha 3
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