Outdoor Activities for Children

Bobsleigh Track Prague

Address: Prosecká 906/34b, Praha 9, +420 284 840 520, www.bobovadraha.cz

Children and their parents who love adventure and adrenaline will love the bobsleigh track in Prague's Prosek, whose grounds offer a one-kilometer long bobsleigh track, a rope course and refreshments in the local restaurant.

A ride on the local bobsleigh track is suitable both for small and bigger children. Trolleys or bobsleds are equipped with automatic brakes, so children from 8 years, if they are brave enough, can ride on their own, while younger children can ride comfortably in the two-seat bobsled with an adult. The track features several curves and loops that will boost your adrenaline levels. You can regulate your speed thanks to a brake lever installed in every bobsled. If you wanted to go as fast as possible, you should know that the maximum speed you can reach is 62 km/hour. You can also ride when it is dark because the track boasts special track lighting. From the bottom part of the track you will get back to the start in a lift. Up there it will be up to you whether you set off for another adrenaline ride or if you take a break and enjoy some refreshments in the local restaurant that offers a beautiful view of Prague. On the weekend a rope course is open to children under the supervision of instructors. Older children can enjoy foosball and a climbing wall, while smaller kids can have fun at the outdoor playground that is complete with slides. The smallest children that visit the bobsleigh track area can enjoy a children's corner on the restaurant's terrace; there is also a baby changing room at parents’ disposal.