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Kampa Museum

Address: U Sovových mlýnů 2, Praha 1, +420 257 286 147,

Located on the pretty strip of land that is known as Kampa Island is the superb Kampa Museum, home to one of the world's most comprehensive collections of the works of František Kupka.

Kampa Museum houses a wonderful collection of modern works by Czech artists such as František Kupka and Otto Gutfreund, as well as plays host to intriguing modern and contemporary international art exhibitions. Situated on the left bank of the Vltava River, the museum is housed in the old Sova Mill, named after Vaclav Sova - the structure's original 15th century owner. The water mill has been beautifully renovated after centuries of neglect, fires, damage and floods (especially in the devastating Prague flood of 2002) and now combines the original structure together with modern elements such as glass, which makes for a truly beautiful building. The water mill was abandoned for a long time until Meda Mladek decided it would be a remarkable space for her likewise remarkable collection of Czech Art. Mladek, a well-known Czech-American art collector, together with her late husband Jan Mladek, spent years collecting and promoting underground art from Central and Eastern Europe. Since the 60s this art power duo tried to preserve the nation's culture. Jan Mladek once said, "If a nation's culture survives, then so too does the nation.” Thanks to Jan and Meda Mladek, a great deal of Czech art has indeed survived. This first rate museum features an amazing permanent collection and also has the worldly reputation to pull big name exhibitions to Prague. Check the user friendly website (both in English and in Czech) for current exhibitions, art programs, workshops for children, etc. And do not forget to pop into the great Kampa Museum Bookstore & Gift Shop, a great boutique book and design store where you can purchase items concerning art, design and architecture.