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The Sklizeno grocery stores offer customers who care about what they eat high-quality Czech and Moravian groceries from farmers, growers and producers from local regions.

If you care about the origin of food that you eat and like to buy authentic and high-quality products from local farmers, then you are at the right place at Sklizeno. Groceries here have a clearly stated origin, are fresh, seasonal and full of natural flavors that are not influenced by any additives or harmful preservatives and other chemical substances. You can buy top-class vacuum-packed meat by Czech and Moravian farmers, such as chickens, rabbits, turkeys, lamb and venison meat, mature steak meat, high-quality sausages, farmers' cheese, milk, yoghurts and butter, free-range eggs, Czech pastries and traditional sourdough bread, jams and honey, seasonal vegetables and fruit and other high-quality groceries. The range of products at Sklizeno is constantly expanded by new products not only from the Czech Republic, but also by products from abroad that cannot be grown here. The Sklizeno stores cooperate with about 170 various suppliers with whom they maintain personal long-term relationships. Enjoy high-quality local products from Sklizeno today!

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    Francouzská 36,Praha 2; Dejvická 33,Praha 6; Bělohorská 134,Praha 6; Českomoravská 15a,Praha 9; Roztylská 19,Praha 11; Plzeňská 8,Praha 5; Svatoslavova 24
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