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Prague Castle Picture Gallery

Address: Prague Castle, 2nd courtyard, +420 224 373 531, www.hrad.cz

Situated in the massive complex of the beautiful Prague Castle, the Prague Castle Picture Gallery is well worth a visit if you are a fan of classical art.

The castle owns over 4,000 paintings, thanks to Rudolf II, the one time ruler of Prague that was an avid art collector and all around supporter of the arts. The Prague Castle Picture Gallery displays about 100 of these precious paintings on the walls of this splendid space that offers a comfortable atmosphere for an art gallery and is complete with warm burnt orange walls, teal benches, rich wooden floors and vaulted ceilings. The gallery boasts works by such famous names as Peter Paul Rubens, early Italian Mannerist Girolamo Bedoli, Titian (rumored to be the favorite artist of Rudolf II), Bartholomeus Spranger, Norbert Grund, Vivano Codazzi and more. The paintings in this fine collection represent landscapes, mythological beasts, biblical scenes, etc. This small, yet elegant, world class collection is definitely worth seeing and will make any trip to the massive Prague Castle complex all the more memorable. For further information, please visit the website listed below.