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Dance and Jump

The Dance and Jump department store with the widest range of horse riding equipment in the Czech Republic presents a haven for all those who love horses and horse riding.

Dance and Jump in Prague's Holešovice offers on three floors everything related to horse riding to its customers. You can purchase there horse riding gear and everything necessary for this beautiful sport, whether you specialize in show jumping, dressage, eventing or ride just for fun. If you are only beginning with horse riding or are not sure, what gear would be best for you, you can ask the experienced staff in the information center on the ground floor of the department store. At Dance and Jump you can buy horse riding gear including helmets and gloves, saddle pads and body protectors. In the basement of the store you will find horse rugs (you can also have horse rugs cleaned at the local laundry for a fee) and horse riding footwear. On the first floor you can choose from various clothing and visit a store with books and magazines on horse riding. Dance and Jump also offers horse care and gifts with horse motifs. Altogether the store offers some 160 Czech and foreign brands of horse riding equipment in various price ranges, which guarantees that truly everybody can choose their equipment there.

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    Milady Horákové 452/11,Praha 7
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