Old Town

Astronomical Clock

Address: Staroměstské náměstí 1, Praha 1.

If you had to label what Prague is most famous for, the honor would more than likely go to the famous Astronomical Clock on the facade of the Old Town City Hall on Old Town Square.

The astronomical clock, which is complete with a chronometer and zodiac was built in the 15th century and is still working – making it a marvel that is surely worth seeing. The clock consists of three parts with mechanical figurines on the highest level. When the clock strikes every hour, 12 apostles appear underneath a small roof in two windows, each of them with its own attribute - St. Peter with a key, St. Matthew with an axe, St. John with a chalice, etc. In the right window you can see St. Paul with a book or St. Thomas with a pike. Besides the apostles there are other figurines such as Grim Reaper who pulls the string and begins the procession of the apostles, or Scrooge who represents stinginess. The clock shows three kinds of time - Central European, Babylonian, star and calendar time. Pay a visit to Prague's Astronomical Clock and see this famous manmade marvel firsthand.

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