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Are you unhappy with the interior of your apartment and would prefer original, high quality furniture? Then simply turn to Czech furniture maker LUGI. This company and especially its team of experienced carpenters is able to create custom-made furniture for you, which in turn provides a truly unique interior.

The LUGI brand which has been active on the Czech as well as on international market over 20 years, builds its work on six principles – tradition, expertise, adaptibility, personal approach, guarantee of quality and individualism. For the whole LUGI team close contact clients, understanding their ideas and subsequent fulfillment is important. Their work is based on detail, quality of material and precise craft. Designers work with materials of the highest quality such as American walnut, oak wood, glass or stainless steal. The result is an interior with original and simple furnishings with sophisticated detail, where you will feel pleasant and comfortable. The company provides visualizations, material tests and eventually production as well as installation directly on the spot. Thanks to this a perfect interior is created. LUGI also enables its customers to see the whole process in person. You can visit the shop anytime and see with your very own eyes production of furniture. The proof that originality and quality is really important is shown in the signature of the master carpenter on each and every piece of furniture. An integral part of LUGI is the unusual warehouse that they have been occupying since 2012. It’s a modern industrial building of the former Coal Mill which was even awarded with the Grand Prix Architects prize. The building which dates back to the beginning of the 20th century, was renovated by the Patrik Hoffman architectural studio. Architects created a modern structure, yet preserved the historic charm. Since 2011 LUGI has been creating its own collection of furniture by select architects and designers. The company also regularly presents its products at international design trade shows and exhibitions, as well as at FOX Gallery

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