Heading to a business meeting in Vienna or Berlin and simply do not feel like driving, flying commercially or taking a train or bus? Or perhaps you wish to take your loved one on a romantic ride in the sky over dramatic Czech castles and chateaux? Or maybe you wish to surprise your friends with a quick dinner in Venice or a refreshing swim off a lush Croatian island? Whatever your traveling needs might be, why not charter a private flight from Prague? Private flights are the ultimate in convenience – forget about waiting at the airport and flight delays. With a private flight you can take off shortly after your request – weather permitting of course. See more of the gorgeous continent of Europe on a private flight, it's exciting, convenient and unforgettable. A small warning - once you fly privately there's no returning back to commercial flights.  

Vector Air

Explore Europe from above with Vector Air! This private air taxi company offers comfortable flights for up to five persons, starting from 400 Euro excl. VAT / hour. See the gorgeous continent of Europe from a different perspective – and save precious time while you're at it. Should you happen to be planning a European holiday and you wish to see mo...

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