If you are visiting Prague or are so lucky to live in this gorgeous gem of a city, you will soon realize that the arts and entertainment offered here are varied, occur often and are of high cultural value. Prague boasts two grand opera houses, the National Theater and the State Opera Prague, the magnificent Rudolfinum, a stunning concert hall next to the winding river, the Estates Theater, which is the famous venue where Mozart premiered Don Giovanni, etc. The list goes on and on, and of course the city also showcases a large number of gilded Baroque churches where you can listen to beautiful performances of classical concerts. On the visual arts end the city features the collections of the National Gallery that are housed in old and modern palaces throughout the city, the City Gallery Prague collections and more. If you prefer your arts and entertainment in a more contemporary format, Prague has a wide array of independent galleries and the superb Dox Center for Contemporary Art. As a city, Prague is constantly changing and the last few years have seen the contemporary art scene growing significantly. Whether you prefer classical arts and entertainment in Prague or a more modern variety you will be pleased with the offer of cultural events and venues in the city of Prague.

Theaters and Classical Music Venues

If you are a lover of classical theater or music, opera, etc. have a look at our featured theaters and classical music venues in Prague listed below. Central Europe is known throughout the world for its classical music culture. The city of Prague features many gorgeous venues that offer outstanding productions of Czech and international operas, con...


Museums and Galleries

Prague has a plethora of museums and galleries to visit. Whether you are into modern and contemporary art, or you stick to the old time masters, Prague’s National Gallery has you covered with a wide range of international and Czech art featured in several palaces, monasteries and buildings throughout Prague. The same goes for the National Museum in...


Art House Cinemas

Are you a fan of going out to the movies? If so you will appreciate the art house cinemas that Prague has to offer. A handful of good and old movie theater complexes still exist in the city of Prague and are a great alternative to the large commercial cineplexes that dot the city. The art house cinemas in Prague feature interesting architectural el...