Nightlife in Prague, the most beautiful of European cities is indeed something to experience firsthand as it is varied, exciting and downright fun. Prague features numerous nightlife options in the form of traditional Czech pubs serving golden beer, sleek and modern nightclubs in both modern and renovated buildings, swanky cocktail bars serving award winning cocktails, intimate wine cellars located in ancient candle lit cellars, and much more. If you are craving an evening full of live music, Prague has many jazz and blues clubs, rock venues and more. Have a look at our recommended nightlife options in Prague listed below and let the good times roll! All of the bars and clubs in Prague are presented here with complete descriptions, photographs, maps and contact information so you can choose your nighttime destination, for the nighttime is the right time in the city of Prague!

Prague's Best Bars

Fancy a night out on the town in one of the world’s most beautiful cities? Prague features a nice variety of up scale cocktail bars and lounges where you can sip on top shelf alcohol until the sun comes up. In the list below you will find our recommended list of bars in Prague that are our favorite night spots, most of which are situated in gorgeou...


Jazz and Blues Clubs

Are you searching for authentic jazz and blues clubs in Prague? The live music scene in Prague is quite varied and in the gorgeous city of one hundred spires you can find some good jazz and blues clubs where you can enjoy authentic music all the while sipping on world class beer, cocktails and wine. In Prague quality definitely reigns over quantity...


Prague Wine Bars

The drink of the gods has been capturing the hearts of the masses since ancient times and continues to do so for it’s complexity, array of types and tastes, and its merry making influences. The city of Prague features numerous wine bars sprinkled throughout the city that can be found in each and every district. Wine Bars in the city center of Pragu...