Away from the hustle and bustle of Prague's center is the lush and tranquil Troja. This sleepy residential area is home to some of Prague's rather intriguing sights that prove to be fun for the whole family. Gentle green hills next to the winding Vltava River characterize this area of Prague, an area that is complete with bicycle paths along the Vltava embankment. Troja is blessed with three major attractions in Prague, all of which are right next to each other: Prague Zoo, ranked among the top zoos in the world, the vast Troja Botanic Garden and the breathtaking Troja Chateau and its surrounding gardens. Head towards Troja and spend a day at one of the three top attractions in this leafy Prague area - you will not be disappointed.

Prague Zoo

You will hardly find a child anywhere that does not love zoological gardens and animals. The Prague Zoo is one of the most beautiful zoological gardens in the world and has much to offer its visitors. The first visitors entered the gates of the Prague Zoo in 1931, and nowadays the Prague Zoo welcomes hundreds of thousands of visitors every year, al...

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Troja Chateau

The beautiful Baroque Troja Chateau near the Prague zoological garden is home to the permanent exhibition of the City Gallery Prague and also holds short-term exhibitions. The permanent exhibition was inspired by the history of the chateau and adjusted to the chateau interiors, so that it would not overshadow them. The exhibition is divided into tw...

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Troja Botanic Garden

The Troja Botanic Garden in the capital city of Prague consists of a large outdoor green space, the unique Fata Morgana greenhouse, the protected St. Claire Vineyard and a natural area with a nature trail that offers visitors, both young and old, many opportunities for learning more about the various types of flora found in and around the Czech Rep...

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