The Czech Republic boasts several spa towns, some of which are world famous. All of these charming towns feature lovely period architecture, rich cultural happenings – let us mention for example, the International Karlovy Vary Film Festival that is known world round, and of course the springs that provide priceless curative waters. In the spa towns of the Czech Republic you can enjoy an array of architectural styles (ranging from typical Victorian style spa architectural structures to intricate Art Nouveau, and even sleek Functionalist buildings), wellness and relaxation treatments, and many sports and leisure options in the attractive natural surroundings. Whether you are taking in the curative water treatments for health issues, or you simply wish to relax and rejuvenate your mind and soul, a trip to a spa town in the Czech Republic is right for you.  

Karlovy Vary

Karlovy Vary, known around the world as Carlsbad, is a famous and charming west Bohemian spa town. Karlovy Vary is not only the most famous spa town in the Czech Republic, it is also the largest - and full of interesting attractive sights. Close to the Teplá River and the Ohře River, Karlovy Vary is approx. 120 km from the capital city of Prague, m...

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Mariánské Lázně

Mariánské Lázně – visit one of the most romantic Czech spa towns today! Mariánské Lázně, also known as Marienbad, is a famous spa town in the area of Karlovy Vary in the Czech Republic. This lovely spa town attracts visitors with its charm found in the architecture and surrounding natural beauty – and of course with its natural springs, known to be...

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Luhačovice Lázně

Located in lovely southern Moravia is the beautiful spa town of Luhačovice Lázně. This whimsical spa town is close to the Austrian border, making it the perfect relaxation getaway destination from both Prague and Vienna. Luhačovice Lázně is not only a spa town, but also an intriguing setting for a variety of whimsical period buildings built in the...

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