Living in a smart home surely has its perks. Having a smart home involves the convenient control and automation of heating / air-conditioning, lighting, ventilation, security, and much more. Some home appliances are even involved, including washers/dryers, ovens and refrigerators, etc., that use Wi-Fi for remote monitoring. Modern smart home technology systems work via switches and sensors that connect to a central hub – from this hub the system is controlled with a user interface that interacts with your mobile phone, tablet, computer, etc. smart home technology really is the wave of the future – with your smart home you can enjoy significant energy efficiency savings, manage all of your home devices from one place, maximize home security, and ultimately save time. If you wish for convenient, state-of-the-art living, then smart home technology is for you. 

Insight Home

Insight Home, a renowned company, operates in the field of technical management of buildings and home automation control, known as "smart living technologies." In 2015 and 2016, this company received a unique spot among the Best 100 Czech Companies. The newest technologies, which we use in our cars, smartphones and PCs on a daily basis, have penetr...

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