If it is your case that with every New Year you make resolutions to start working out regularly, but in the end all you do is visit a fitness center once, buy yourself a membership in one of the top-class fitness centers in Prague. For some people a membership may be the perfect motivation to start doing sports and fitness regularly. All you need to do after that is set a realistic goal for yourself, which is something that a professional fitness instructor, whose services are part of the offer of first-rate fitness centers, will be glad to help you with. Your personal instructor will not only help you compile an ideal workout program but also provide you with worthy tips regarding good nutrition. Moreover, besides weight rooms, cardio zones, group exercises such as aerobics, Pilates, kickboxing, yoga and more fitness centers in Prague offer also splendid relaxation with swimming pools, whirlpools or saunas as part of their facilities. Services at luxury fitness centers in Prague often include also various massages and body wraps that are extremely pleasant especially after physical activity and that is, after all, worth it! 

Form Factory

Form Factory has premium fitness centers throughout Prague. Whether you want to get back in shape or continue a rigorous routine, Form Factory is here for all your fitness needs. At Form Factory you will find hands down the best training conditions in Prague. You will have at your fingertips the best of new, unique programs in the world of health a...

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BodyBody Fitness Revolution

Do you want to shape your body, strengthen your muscles and reduce your body fat naturally and in a much shorter period of time? If so, head to the closest BodyBody studio and try out a test training of this revolutionary and efficient workout for free (the offer is valid for happy hours - weekdays between 1 and 4 pm). Currently the most efficient...

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Balance Club Brumlovka

Balance Club Brumlovka is a top-class fitness and wellness facility with a spacious fitness and cardio zone, halls for group lessons, a swimming pool and a roof terrace. Balance Club Brumlovka is located in the Brumlovka building that is part of the BB Centrum administration complex in Prague 4. This top-class fitness center is based on principles...

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