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In this part of our offer of properties abroad we present you with first-class properties for sale in Croatia. This country in Southern Europe belongs amongst the most popular recreational destinations of many Czechs, as it is easily accessible and full of vast, clean beaches and natural sights. What is more, Croatia is home to an abundance of historical cities with winding cobblestone streets and charming markets. In case you are considering buying a house in Croatia, whether a stylish smaller house or a summer villa, do not miss out on our offer. Below, we present you with the current selection of houses for sale situated in the most attractive Croatian locations, such as the coastal areas of Split, Bibinje, Hvar, and Korcula, and the Istrian peninsula in the northern part of the country. Not to be missed is the Pearl of the Adriatic, Dubrovnik, one of the most impressive historical seaside cities in all of Europe. We cooperate with carefully selected, reliable partners in local real estate agencies when we select our properties abroad. Should you be interested in any of the presented properties for sale in Croatia, or wish to receive a more specific offer of properties abroad, do not hesitate to contact us.

Price upon request

This fascinating air-conditioned modern villa with a heated pool is located in a popular place with... more information

Reference number 36825

€ 1 000 000

This premium, timeless villa exudes an elegant interior design and offers views of the sea, a pool,... more information

Reference number 39770

€ 1 500 000

This premium, timeless villa exudes an elegant interior design and offers views of the sea, a pool,... more information

Reference number 39769

€ 1 000 000

This premium, timeless villa exudes an elegant interior design and offers views of the sea, a pool,... more information

Reference number 39765

Price upon request

Boasting top-class home equipment, this modern villa with sea views stands in a peaceful spot only 1... more information

Reference number 39687

€ 1 990 000

This exclusive air-conditioned villa built in a unique modern style, with an almost 500 sq. m. livin... more information

Reference number 39686

€ 1 100 000

This renovated stone villa with a beautiful garden and a pool is located in the northwestern part of... more information

Reference number 39685

€ 570 000

This quaint, quintessentially Croatian villa with sea views is located not far from Opatija and the... more information

Reference number 39684

€ 1 200 000

This ultra-modern villa is part of a new, exclusive complex with only 9 houses. Located on the Istri... more information

Reference number 39683

€ 460 000

This modern, tastefully designed apartment is located on the top floor of a building in Opatija. It... more information

Reference number 39682

€ 490 000

In charming Opatija, a town by the Adriatic Sea, this fully furnished apartment is part of a lovely... more information

Reference number 39681

Price upon request

This handsome modern villa with a sauna, fireplace, and heated pool is impeccably designed and boast... more information

Reference number 38878

€ 720 000

This new, comfortable, air-conditioned villa with a pool and breathtaking views of the verdant Istri... more information

Reference number 39564

€ 638 400

This quaint, rustic semi-detached house is part of a new residential project that consists of 10 vil... more information

Reference number 37016

€ 1 600 000

This modern villa with a sauna, an outdoor pool, and panoramic views of the Adriatic Sea dotted with... more information

Reference number 36826

€ 1 350 000

This ultramodern, gently cantilevered house is located on the western coast of Istria. Beautifully s... more information

Reference number 38964

€ 850 000

Not far from the beach in one of Opatija's most exclusive neighborhoods, this spacious one-bedroom m... more information

Reference number 38962

€ 750 000

This impeccably and stylishly designed apartment furnished with bespoke pieces and high-end elements... more information

Reference number 38960

Price upon request

In a new development nestled on a hillside overlooking Kvarner Gulf, this new build apartment is sur... more information

Reference number 38961

€ 720 000

This elegantly furnished penthouse with breathtaking panoramic views and direct access to the sea is... more information

Reference number 38877

€ 2 500 000

This newly built villa showcases the most sophisticated contemporary architecture, resplendent with... more information

Reference number 38879

€ 980 000

This airy and elegant new villa with an outdoor pool is located on Istria's eastern coast and offers... more information

Reference number 36827

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