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11. July 2019

Riveroff: The Administrative Berth on the Banks of the Vltava River Has a New Look

The Riveroff Office House administrative center is currently being reconstructed. Together with several other buildings, it will be part of the multifunctional Rivera and Port7 projects, which are significantly contributing to the transformation of one of the banks of the Vltava River. The Svoboda & Williams real estate agency has received an exclusive instruction to mediate the lease office space in the Riveroff building.

The Riveroff complex will offer office space with a variety of different features that consists of two studios, a showroom, a five-story tower, and non-residential space in the basement. The tower will be completed in the final quarter of 2020, and the rest of the space will be ready by the end of 2019. The studios and showroom already have a new roof, the plastering is finished, and soon the floors will be laid and Schüco aluminum windows will be installed.

GEONE Real Estate, the developer of the Rivera complex, acquired permission to construct a port, and so besides offices, a hotel, and apartments, there will also be a unique “floating house” on the river. Moreover, the construction of the modern Port7 multifunctional campus, a project realized by Skanska Property, will soon begin.

More information, including about the Riveroff Office House project.

Riveroff Office House | Svoboda & Williams

03. July 2019

New Additions to the Svoboda & Williams Team

In terms of personnel, this summer was a time of growth for the real estate agency, both in Prague and in Brno. Svoboda & Williams welcomed new members to the Residential Sales, Residential Rentals, and Commercial Leasing departments, and the Marketing and Investment Management departments have also expanded their staff. The Brno branch now has a new Business Development Manager.

Kateřina Kubíčková joined the Residential Sales Department in June as a Junior Agent. She has an engineering degree and previously worked for 18 years in human resources and office management. Kateřina speaks English fluently. David Čermák is the latest member of the Residential Rentals team. He studied photography in college in České Budějovice, and until recently was the Deputy Manager of the Bibloo Concept Store. The Commercial Leasing Department welcomed Monika Dixová, who has experience in journalism and was also in charge of several of her own projects. She is currently training for her first marathon.

Tereza Šimerdová, who has been working for Svoboda & Williams since 2017 as an assistant in the Commercial and Analytics team, joined the Marketing Department as a Project Manager in July. Klára Zemanová began working in the Investment Management Department. She has a degree in economics and management from the Czech University of Life Sciences and worked for two years as a financial accountant.

David Kočařík is the newest member of the Brno team and has been in charge of the branch’s business development since June. He is a graduate of the Faculty of Business Management at the Brno University of Technology, with a degree in economics and management. David also has 13 years of experience in construction; he first worked as a technician, then as a building site manager, project manager, and finally as the chief executive officer of a construction company. Besides his native Czech, David is also an advanced speaker of German.

The Prague branch of Svoboda & Williams also acquired a new assistant in July. Božena Maršíková is currently studying creative marketing at the University of Creative Communication. She also enjoys skiing, which she occasionally teaches.

New Members | Svoboda & Williams

28. June 2019

What Do Apartments in Prague Actually Cost?

Agents of Svoboda & Williams have increasingly been coming across the claim that the average price of an apartment in Prague is currently almost CZK 110,000/sq. m. When real estate owners then sell their properties, they set astronomical starting prices that don’t seem to correspond to reality. Newspaper headlines proclaim these high numbers, but don’t explain the difference between the asking price and the actual achieved price.

According to the current data collected by Deloitte, the average asking price of a new apartment in Prague is CZK 107,100/sq. m. However, this figure only includes newly built residential projects and starting prices, which don’t include any reductions or subsequent special offers. In reality, the asking price is often quite different from the actually achieved price. This is doubly true in today’s decline in demand for real estate and the increasing rate of discounts offered by developers. Deloitte’s regularly published so-called Prague Real Index factors in the average price of a realized real estate transaction, which it acquires from the cadastre of real estate, and includes prices of older resale properties as well. In fact, the average actually achieved sales price is currently CZK 77,400/sq. m. This is the number that Prague apartment owners should consider when they are thinking about how much to sell their property for. Or even rent it out for, since this misunderstanding of the market also influences how property owners establish adequate rental prices.

The Svoboda & Williams real estate agency maps the premium property segment, which has a higher average achieved price – currently around CZK 112,000/sq. m., with a median value of CZK 103,000/sq. m. Properties at the very top of the real estate pyramid are significantly pushing average prices upward.

What Do Apartments in Prague Actually Cost | Svoboda & Williams

23. June 2019

U Hájenky Apartments: The Green Meadow by the Lipno Reservoir Is Being Transformed

Construction of the U Hájenky residential project has commenced on a plot of land near the Lipno Reservoir. On this previously empty meadow, 15 modern houses inspired by typical Šumava cottages that will consist of two separate apartment units with a terrace and garden will gradually be built. The exclusive seller of the apartments is the Svoboda & Williams real estate agency.

The U Hájenky apartments will allow new owners the chance to live amid the beautiful South Bohemian countryside right next to the popular Lipno Reservoir and only 100 meters away from the new Loučovice ski slope. These apartments can be used and enjoyed year-round, and are therefore an excellent investment opportunity. The U Hájenky project also offers property management services that include taking care of any rental responsibilities as well as grass cutting and snow clearing.

The individual eco-friendly passive semi-detached houses are built according the Austrian STEICO construction system with a maximum emphasis on a healthy environment for future residents. Each house will feature superior insulation properties. The units are sold in a finished state, which can be upgraded to a premium standard.

More information about the U Hájenky project.

The U Hájenky Apartments | Svoboda & Williams

12. June 2019

U Hvězdy Residence: Nature and the City at Your Fingertips

The Svoboda & Williams real estate agency has been exclusively retained to broker the sale of apartments in the U Hvězdy Residence, a new project emerging in a peaceful part of Prague 6, only a few steps from Hvězda, Prague’s largest forest park. The building, equipped to a high standard, boasts a timeless architectural design and an excellent location. Construction began in March 2019.

The newly emerging residence offers housing in close proximity to the Hvězda game reserve in an area with excellent civic amenities and easy access to the center of Prague. Spread out over three floors, it will consist of 15 units with one-bedroom to three-bedroom layouts and floor areas ranging from 44 sq. m. to 140 sq. m. All of the apartments will have a terrace or front yard, and residents will have access to an attractively landscaped common garden. Large-format windows flood the interiors with plenty of natural light and views of the surrounding greenery can be seen from every room. Each apartment will come with a cellar unit and the building includes 25 parking spaces in an underground garage.

The low-energy project features modern building materials and technologies, such as heat recovery in the apartments, high quality aluminum windows, and premium thermal insulation, all of which significantly decrease energy costs. The third level, in the attic, is under a reinforced concrete roof, which helps maintain the same stable temperature as the lower floors.

The U Hvězdy Residence is exceptional for its closeness to the Hvězda game reserve as well as to the expansive Divoká Šárka Park. Residents will be able to enjoy an urban lifestyle within easy reach of nature and the countryside. The surrounding area offers many sports and relaxation activities, and green spaces ideal for peaceful walks. Families with children will appreciate the residence’s proximity to several parks as well as to kindergartens and elementary schools. Shops, a post office, a pharmacy, and a library are all within walking distance. Tram and bus stops can be reached on foot in ten minutes, and the Petřiny metro station in 13 minutes, guaranteeing quick access to the center of Prague.

Final approval is planned for October 2020. The units will be sold in complete state.

Rezidence U Hvězdy | Svoboda & Williams

11. June 2019

Svoboda & Williams Partner of the Real Estate Forum Brno 2019 Conference

The first year of the professional conference entitled Real Estate Forum Brno 2019 took place on June 10th at the Hotel International. Its central themes were current real estate market trends, transactions, how the Brno Zoning plan will transform the city, and up-and-coming residential projects. Representatives of Svoboda & Williams, one of the main partners of the conference, delivered a presentation in the “Real Estate Market Status and Trends” block and participated in all panel discussions. The entire conference was moderated by Jiří Václavek.

The first to speak in the opening block of the conference was Svoboda & Williams’ main analyst Jana Volavková. Her presentation, “A Perspective on the Premium Residential Property Segment in Brno,” included, among other difficult issues that the market in Brno is presently experiencing, the current trends in the premium segment. She summarized Svoboda & Williams’ findings and statistics about the premium real estate market in Brno, which has enormous potential for growth.

Just like in Prague, the interest in luxury properties is also very high in the second largest city in the Czech Republic. According to the agents of Svoboda & Williams, the supply of this level of housing in Brno is insufficient. If a developer could manage to realize a high-end residential project, the units and space within it would all be successfully sold. In order to guarantee this outcome, however, the right marketing strategy is key, as Prokop Svoboda, owner of Svoboda & Williams, emphasized in his concluding presentation. Clients in Brno are motivated to purchase properties in Brno by their interesting rental revenues, which are currently around 4-5%.

In the remaining blocks and presentations, representatives of other companies focused on questions concerning the current situation in the Brno residential and commercial property market. Ludvík Juřička from the Havel & Partners law firm touched on the amendment of the Building Act, and Milan Dembowski discussed different ways to finance properties from the perspective of Komerční banka. Lukáš Netolický of Cushman & Wakefield spoke about the office market in Brno, and his colleague Radka Novak’s presentation was on the workplace environment and how to improve it.

The conference concluded with a segment on what the future will bring in terms of the new zoning plan as Filip Chvátal, a Brno city council member, elucidated, as well as in terms of the possible transformations of dilapidated buildings and brownfields. Omar Koleilat from the Crestyl real estate development company focused on the Tesco building in Dornych and presented his vision of how this area could be changed into an architecturally unique multifunctional complex. Finally, Milan Kratina from the Accolade group revealed their plans for the Brno airport.

Jana Volavková | Svoboda & Williams | Real Estate Forum 2019

09. June 2019

The Completed Rough Construction of the Na Petřinách 7 Residential Project Is Ready for Viewing

The rough construction of the Na Petřinách 7 villa, situated in a sought-after location between Petřiny and Břevnov, is currently complete. Now is a good time to see with your own eyes what living there can be like and what views the apartments have to offer. The Svoboda & Williams real estate agency has been exclusively retained to broker the sale of the units in the residential project.

The apartments have an extra high ceiling height and the large-format aluminum windows are now being installed. The interiors are starting to emerge, giving visitors an impression of how much light each room receives and allowing them to select their preferred variation.

The project consists of 13 apartments with a terrace, balcony, or private garden in a low-energy building realized by the All New Development boutique company and the SUNCAD studio.

Please contact our office to schedule a viewing.

More information about the Na Petřinách 7 project.

Na Petřinách 7 | Svoboda & Williams

31. May 2019

Svoboda & Williams Real Estate Agency to Start Operating the Serviced myhive Flexi Offices

The myhive Flexi Offices concept by Offices Unlimited extended the range of Prague's serviced offices in May 2019. It offers furnished offices with flexible rental periods, reception support, conference rooms, coworking and other premium services in the Prague's district of Pankrác. The Svoboda & Williams real estate agency has been exclusively authorized to provide the administration and marketing of the new serviced offices and it officially started the operation of the myhive Flexi Offices on 30 May 2019.

For the implementation of the Flexi Offices concept, fully equipped offices on the first floor of the myhive Pankrác House, belonging to the Austrian company IMMOFINANZ and located directly opposite the Pražského povstání metro station, were selected. The ideal location ensures easy access from both the city centre and the D1 highway exit. The building includes a restaurant, a spacious lobby with a café and a reception, a garage, bike storage, showers, and an exercise room.

The space of 1547 m2 offers 36 equipped offices from 11 to 50 m2 and coworking of 95 m2. Those who need their own space can choose from two types of offices - daily and private. Directly on the first floor, there are 2 meeting rooms, a meeting room for clients, and a larger conference area on the ground floor. Office facilities include a reception, two kitchens and bathroom facilities. The interior features paintings that renowned Czech painter and sculptor Petr Písařík created especially for Flexi Office.

The main advantage of the Flexi Offices concept is its flexibility in terms of layouts and lease terms. Tenants can pick the office they need without being tied to a long fixed-term lease.

More about myhive Flexi Offices.

More equipped offices in Prague.

myhive Flexi Offices | Svoboda & Williams

21. May 2019

The Hradešínská Residence Will Receive Final Approval Next Month, the Apartments Will Be Move-In Ready in Summer 2019

The Svoboda & Williams real estate agency has been exclusively retained to broker the sale of apartments in the Hradešínská residence – a new luxury residential project with a singular genius loci. The construction of the residence is nearing completion, with 40% of the units already sold. Generously apportioned, mostly family apartments with parking spaces are still available.

The Hradešínská Residence is being realized by the A.K.F. Projekt company. It is located in Královské Vinohrady, a neighborhood with a unique 1930s atmosphere. A total of 13 premium apartments will be move-in ready this summer, allowing new owners to start enjoying their new homes during the nicest time of the year, whether on the terrace with a glass of wine looking out over gorgeous villas, or in nearby Grébovka Park, where you can easily find the perfect spot for peaceful relaxation.

Please contact our office to schedule a viewing.

More information about the Hradešínská Residence project.

Hradešínská residence | Svoboda & Williams

16. May 2019

Two penthouses in the V Tower, Prague Building Will Be Added to the Portfolio of Christie’s International Real Estate

The Svoboda & Williams real estate agency has been exclusively retained to broker the sale of two penthouses that crown the iconic V Tower, Prague building. In partnership with Christie’s International Real Estate, these high-end apartments will be brought to the attention of potential buyers around the world.

The Prague panorama now has a new addition in the shape of a “V.” Built by PSJ Invest, the V Tower, Prague high-rise building is unlike any other project built in Central Europe. With a dizzying height of 104 meters, it is now the highest residential building in the Czech Republic. Due to its cutting-edge technologies and careful construction, it bears comparison with prestigious skyscrapers in New York, Dubai, or London. The building was designed by architect Radan Hubička, who consulted with experts from around the world to come up with a structure that far surpasses European standards. It is planning on achieving LEED Platinum certification, which emphasizes respect for the environment, comfortable living, as well as operational efficiency.

The distinctive V-shape of the V Tower, Prague skyscraper ensures that each floor is unique. With each meter, new perspectives open up and infinite spaces and views are created. The topmost multi-level penthouses have their own terrace, a rooftop pool, and boast stunning views of the city of a thousand spires. Each unit is offered in a state of white walls, allowing future owners to select the surfaces, kitchen, and other equipment. The skyscraper was also designed and constructed with a maximum emphasis on noise-reduction: each unit has graphite ceiling cooling panels and silent underfloor heating, and the walls between the apartments are built to reduce noise within the units. The façade was designed on the basis of a noise study of the surrounding area and special asphalt was laid around the building.

Hotel-style concierge services such as those found in premium residential projects in New York or London add a luxurious touch of comfort. V Tower, Prague residents will also have access to a private club, which takes up an entire floor and includes a wellness area with a sauna, Jacuzzi, swimming pool, fitness room, as well as a children’s corner and conference rooms. This building also houses a private movie theater with a high-end audio system and a professional grade golf simulator.

Only a small fraction of the properties in the Czech Republic can compare to luxury residences abroad. Thanks to Svoboda & Williams’ exclusive partnership with Christie’s International Real Estate, the V Tower, Prague penthouses will be advertised worldwide and reach potential buyers on a global scale.

V Tower, Prague | Svoboda & Williams

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