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10. July 2020

Svoboda & Williams Mediated the Lease of the PRAGA Office & Garden Building

At the end of June, the Svoboda & Williams commercial leasing team successfully mediated the lease of the modern PRAGA Office & Garden building. The new leaseholder of the building’s 2,325 sq. m. total floor area is the Scott & Weber company, which will use the space to operate flexible offices and coworking.

PRAGA Office & Garden is part of the multifunctional PRAGA complex, which was created by M2 Real Estate. “Whenever we work on a new project we believe that its effectiveness, location, timelessness, and architecture is key. That’s why we went with the acclaimed ADNS architects studio and chose the Karlín neighborhood, which turned out to be the right decision. Thanks to Svoboda & Williams, we were able to pick from several potential leaseholders even in this difficult time,” adds Jan Štembera, Business Director of M2 Real Estate.

Scott & Weber, a company that has been operating flexible workspaces for a long time and currently runs 5 office centers, is leasing the entire building. “The agreement to lease the PRAGA Office & Garden building is a significant milestone for Scott & Weber. With 19,000 sq. m. of floor space, we are now the largest provider of flexible offices in Prague. Our space can be used by companies of various sizes and we now know that demand for private floors, a type of office we will be offering in the PRAGA Office & Garden building, is increasing. Private floors have their own entrance and corporate branding, and we also help clients find the right design and workplace strategy. On the building’s ground floor, there will be a community space—a prerequisite today. Tenants will be able to use the club and event space, enjoy the chic cafe with a professional barista, or book a room especially designed to tape podcasts, something that is very much in vogue at the moment,” says Adam Zvada, owner and CEO of Scott & Weber.

PRAGA Office & Garden | Svoboda & Williams Modern Offices in Karlín

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