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18. January 2021

Svoboda & Williams Property Management: Invest Effectively

The Svoboda & Williams real estate agency has been providing comprehensive property and facility management services for many years now. Its team of professionals led by Věra Urbanová and Přemysl Kavan oversees the smooth running of residential units, apartment buildings, non-residential premises, historic buildings, and large residential complexes.

Property management is a multidisciplinary field, which includes both a total overview of the technical and economic aspects in order for everything pertaining to the property to run smoothly as well as being up-to-date on the relevant laws and regulations. “If you decide to create an investment property portfolio, you will soon find out that non-professional property and facility management will not only consume a large amount of your time, but, if set incorrectly, it will also increase the amount of uneconomically invested funds. Our team can turn your empty property into a source of long-term income and save you not only money, but also time. Clients can contact us whenever they are looking for a suitable investment property,” explains Věra Urbanová, Head of Property Management at Svoboda & Williams.

Our property management services include finding a creditworthy tenant (with the help of Svoboda & Williams’ real estate agents), technical management (beginning with an initial technical audit and ending with a detailed handover protocol that includes a technical manual), any complaints, all communication and coordination related to the property, ensuring emergency repairs and regular maintenance, representing the owner at apartment owners association meetings, negotiating with service providers, the correct setting of advance payments and billing—all with the maximum satisfaction of the property owner in mind.

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Svoboda & Williams Property Management

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