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16. November 2021

Sale of the Houses Designed by World-Renowned Cutler Anderson Architects Launched

The Svoboda & Williams real estate agency has launched the sale of the fourteen houses in the Přístav project that are swiftly emerging by a quiet bay of the Orlík Reservoir. James Cutler from the famous Cutler Anderson Architects studio designed the individual houses, which blend seamlessly with the surrounding landscape thanks to his wholly unique approach.

From the very beginning, the investor’s intention was to create a project in a novel architectural style with an exclusive location by a body of water. Přístav is a peaceful home away from home for those with rarefied tastes who will appreciate the undiluted charm of the scenery where the forest meets the water. This is exactly what the renowned Cutler Anderson Architects studio has accomplished, setting the benchmark for environmentally-friendly construction. Future owners will be able to use the private pier for their boats, a pure connection to the element of water.

James Cutler was inspired by the sloping terrain of the location and designed the houses with it in mind, both from an aesthetic as well as a formal perspective. The back part of each house will be recessed into the ground, which will significantly improve their insulation properties. “The Orlík Reservoir is the central motif that I’ve been working with since the initial designs for this project. All of the houses in the Přístav development will be connected to the lake that stretches out directly beneath them. From above they look like a bunch of little cabins lined up almost like the haystacks in the famous Monet painting. Nestled into a sunny hillside, the view of these haystacks will change throughout the day as the sun’s natural light shifts over the landscape,” explains James Cutler from Cutler Anderson Architects.

In terms of their interiors, the houses in the Přístav project at first glance stand apart from the usual housing standards. Their unique atmosphere is created by the use of Douglas fir wood, which is rare in the Czech Republic but grows in the area around the Orlík Dam. James Cutler comes from America's Midwest where this tree grows in abundance, and he has learned to work with it over the years. It's thus a welcome link to the environment that nurtured his approach to architecture. Other predominant materials will be concrete and natural stone. The charm of the interiors rests mainly in the interplay between these fine and coarse textures. The top of each house will be protected by natural high-strength steel covered by greenery, which will also contribute to a pleasant indoor temperature no matter the season. Thanks to their large glazed facades, the boundary between the exterior and the interior will be almost erased, something that is increasingly sought-after today.

The houses will be offered in two different layouts—two-bedroom and three-bedroom. All of them will be completed and offered in a finished state that includes final surfaces and terraces smoothly connected to the garden. Garages will be part of the top section of each house, allowing for easy access to the interior. The first seven houses in the Přístav project will be move-in ready at end of the year.

More information about the Přístav project.

Houses Designed by World-Renowned Cutler Anderson Architects Přístav | Svoboda & Williams Fourteen houses by a quiet bay of the Orlík Reservoir

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