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25. October 2021

Svoboda & Williams Was the Partner of the Real Estate Market Autumn 2021 Conference

The twentieth annual Real Estate Market conference took place on Wednesday, October 20th. Organized by the Stavební forum online magazine, its four panel discussions brought together experts across the spectrum of the real estate market, who looked back at what happened over the past year and outlined the changes brought about and accelerated by the pandemic and the Green New Deal.

The first panel discussion, Offices and Retail: The New Reality, featured a presentation on coworking and shared offices by Kateřina Burešová, a Flexible Workspace Consultant at Svoboda & Williams. She and the other panelists agreed that the home office isn’t a sustainable way to work in the long term, but that new workspaces will need to reflect tenants’ demands for an environment that they’ll look forward to return to. Shared offices offer increasingly sought-after flexible options, while at the same time space where people can meet spontaneously. “Shared offices are no longer seen as a “new age” way of working and should now be an integral part of every modern office building in the future, like a canteen, for instance,” said Burešová.

Jana Vlková, Director of Workplace Advisory at Colliers International, pointed out that, on the one hand, it’s important for new offices to be designed as an experience and for workspaces to be as pleasant as possible, on the other hand people need to feel that if they don’t go to the office, they’ll miss out on something because they won’t get to take part in everyday informal meetings. Petr Palička, Country Managing Director at Penta Real Estate, mentioned several examples of current office space developments. Looking back on the last several months, demand for offices is still high, but tenants’ requirements are changing. They want more communal spaces, terraces, greenery, and the building’s integration into the city infrastructure.

Petr Zahálka, Sales Director of ProInterier, together with Leoš Andrle, Executive Director of Sekyra Group, commented on the construction and fit-out of office space from the implementation end. Due to rising construction costs, tenants are trying as much as possible to save on office furniture, and the situation is made even more complicated by the shortages in technologies and materials, which many projects have had to contend with.


Real Estate Market Autumn 2021 | Svoboda & Williams

22. October 2021

Andrea Střechová vystoupila na konferenci Renesance nájemního bydlení

The Real Estate Academy held the Renaissance of Rental Housing conference on October 13th, the aim of which was to present this investment segment of the Czech real estate market in a complex and in-depth fashion. It provided a space where experts from development, landlords, investors, building managers, lawyers, and insurance company and bank representatives could meet and discuss important topics.

Andrea Střechová, whose experience advising investors and developers working in the residential rental sector stretches to more than 15 years, spoke at the conference on behalf of Svoboda & Williams. During her presentation, she touched on issues such as how to optimize rental yields and how to build a relationship with tenants. "The rental housing trend had already been growing before the pandemic, but it’s only accelerated during the last two years. The willingness and necessity to pay rent instead of taking out a mortgage increased significantly. Tenants are also demanding high quality housing and so today it’s absolutely essential to create properties that reflect this desire for efficiency and perfection.


Andrea Střechová vystoupila na konferenci Renesance nájemního bydlení

20. October 2021

Sale of Apartments in the Viladům Máj Project Now Successfully Concluded

The Svoboda & Williams real estate agency has successfully sold all of the apartments in the Viladům Máj project just two months after being exclusively engaged to do so by the developer Nová Praha. The two penthouses and four duplexes with front gardens found their new owners in record time.

The Viladům Máj residential project is located in a peaceful neighborhood on the border of the extensive Košíře-Motol nature park—an ideal place for boutique urban living. “Viladům Máj was developed in cooperation with architects from the prestigious SENAA studio. The individual apartments are therefore impeccably designed and extremely well thought-out. Superior materials, interiors open onto an exterior garden or terrace, and the pleasant location make you feel like you’re in the countryside, while in fact you’re close to the center of Prague. This is definitely what convinced buyers,” says Magdalena Svatková, whose team was in charge of selling the apartments in Viladům Máj.


Sale of Apartments in the Viladům Máj Project Now Successfully Concluded

19. October 2021

Svoboda & Williams Partner of the Real Estate Forum 2021 Conference

On Wednesday, October 13th, the 3rd annual prestigious Real Estate Forum 2021 conference was held in Brno at the Courtyard by Marriott Brno hotel. Its central themes were real estate challenges related to the Brno city master plan, the market in the post-coronavirus era, and investment trends in the South Moravian Region.

The Real Estate Forum 2021 conference, organized by the Havel & Partners law firm, is a recurring excellent opportunity to meet with experts in multiple real estate market specialties. The opening debate was about the challenges facing the city of Brno, most of which are related to the current master plan. Viktor Poledník, an urban planner working in the Department for Planning and Development, together with Mark Vinter, chairman of the board of the Association of Brno Architects and Builders, agreed that the current zoning plan doesn’t create the right conditions for new projects to be built, and so local property prices are skyrocketing. At the same time, Brno lacks an effective transport and technical infrastructure, both of which are burdened by the growing suburbanization, which is why it’s vitally important to focus on densification and metropolitan development in the coming years.

In the second part of the conference, panelists discussed the impact of the pandemic on the residential, commercial, and industrial segments. The pandemic has acted as an accelerator on the rental and flexible office market. Marcel Soural, chairman of Trigema, spoke about the behavior of investment funds, which are buying up large rental units, thus indicating the direction that the residential market will take in the next several years. Prokop Svoboda, owner of the Svoboda & Williams real estate company, touched upon the current situation in the flexible office segment. Even large companies now want to be flexible when it comes to their employees and clients, whether in terms of the size and layout of the leased workspace, its location, or the services provided. The office has also changed from a place of work to a place for communication, meetings, spontaneous interactions, brainstorming sessions, strengthening corporate culture, and sharing values.

The conference concluded with a panel on investment opportunities in Brno and the South Moravian Region and on the rebuilding of the communities affected by the tornado. One of the participants, Director of the VIA Foundation Zdeněk Mihalco, had much to say about this subject. Other panelists discussed the investment potential of commercial real estate, which, according to Lukáš Netolický of Cushman & Wakefield, is still large since people want to go back to work, albeit in a different setting. Developers of office buildings should now primarily focus on bringing offices closer to public spaces, broadening their outdoor areas, and generally creating places that employees enjoy returning to on a regular basis.


Real Estate Forum 2021 Conference

15. October 2021

Svoboda & Williams Named Exclusive Partner in the Sale of Rohan City Penthouses

The large-scale Rohan City multifunctional project is currently under construction on Rohan Island. It will include, among other things, two apartment buildings designed by architect Eva Jiřičná. The topmost floors will feature exceptional Rohan City Penthouses that will be offered exclusively by the Svoboda & Williams real estate agency.

The new Rohan City neighborhood, developed by Sekyra Group, is gradually emerging on Rohan Island, which on one side is bordered by the Vltava River and on the other by the lively Karlín district. During the 1st phase of construction, two apartment buildings designed by the world-renowned architect Eva Jiřičná will stand at the northeastern end of this vast multifunctional complex. Spread out across their highest floors, the magnificent Rohan City Penthouses boast open plan layouts respecting openness and airiness. The guiding principle behind these unique apartments is to blend the interior space with the exterior so that their owners can enjoy far-reaching views of Prague in uninterrupted privacy.

Additional details about the penthouses will soon be added to Svoboda & Williams’ website. 

Rohan City Penthouses | Svoboda & Williams

15. October 2021

West Flexi Offices Will Soon Expand Its Portfolio of Shared Offices in Prague

Offices Unlimited is expanding its portfolio of shared offices with flexible lease terms with the addition of the new West Flexi Offices that are being completed in the City West B1 office complex, right by the Stodůlky metro station (line B). Svoboda & Williams provides comprehensive consulting on the right product parameters, management, and marketing.

The City West B1 office complex is part of the portfolio of the Patria investment company, whose management has decided to allocate part of one floor to shared offices. “We are delighted to welcome West Flexi Offices to the portfolio of our clients. We decided to go with Svoboda & Williams as the operator of our flexible offices due to their professionalism, proactive approach, and, last but not least, long market experience. We realize that there is a growing demand for flexible offices in our location, and this should go a long way to satisfy it,” says Tomáš Pribiš, a member of Patria’s Board of Directors. The Patria investment company is part of the ČSOB Group and creates closed-end investor funds for clients of PBA/Wealth Office ČSOB, for which it purchases quality profitable properties.

The shared West Flexi Offices will operate in close collaboration between Patria and Offices Unlimited, with Svoboda & Williams as the consultant. “The past two months have shown us that shared offices are increasingly in demand, even among more conservative companies. West Flexi Offices are therefore a welcome addition to the family of flexible workspaces that we manage. We also appreciate the fact that Patria is aware that this specific office concept will significantly elevate the standard of the entire building,” stated Kateřina Burešová, Flexible Workspace Consultant at Svoboda & Williams.

West Flexi Offices, designed by the SAD architectural studio, will offer 39 offices from 9 sq. m. to 74 sq. m. Tenants will be able to choose from private or daily offices, or find a spot in the coworking section. The space will also include conference rooms and Focus Rooms, i.e., closed rooms designed for quick business meetings or phone calls. Located right by the Stodůlky metro station, the offices have an easy connection to the city center as well as to the Prague Ring Road.

The shared West Flexi Offices will be available from November 1st, 2021.

More information about West Flexi Offices.


West Flexi Offices | Shared Offices in Prague

15. October 2021

Svoboda & Williams Launches the Sale of Units in the Nové Lauby Residential Project in Ostrava

Exclusively appointed by the investor Sdružení BBB Nové Lauby, the Svoboda & Williams real estate agency is launching the sale of the units in the Nové Lauby residential project, which is being built in the center of Ostrava.

The Nové Lauby residential project is the result of the collaboration between the investor, Sdružení BBB Nové Lauby, the architectural studio znamení čtyř – architekti, and the city of Ostrava. Its pioneering concept will revive the city center and develop rental housing, as the municipal authority will purchase a portion of the apartments and parking spaces for this very purpose.

Svoboda & Williams will expand its portfolio with the inclusion of 52 studio to three-bedroom apartments, spread out from the first to the fifth floors. Most of the units will be extended by a balcony or loggia, with the most generously apportioned ones on the topmost floor including a private rooftop terrace. Thanks to the project’s shape as five buildings forming a city block, an atrium full of greenery will be created in its center. Two studios will come with their own front gardens. All of the apartments will offer clever layouts that help suffuse the interiors with light and maximum comfort is ensured by large triple-glazed windows with aluminum or wooden frames, quality wooden floors, and bathrooms with large-format tiles and brand-name sanitary ware.

The street level will function as a sophisticated storefront with the profile of a classic urban arcade, creating space for four non-residential premises for sale. There will also be ample parking and basement storage units. Due to this unique approach, which blends in with Ostrava’s architectural composition and will help cultivate and develop the city center, the units in the Nové Lauby project are a one-of-a-kind investment opportunity with a significant growth potential.

More about the Nové Lauby project.


Nové Lauby Residential Project in Ostrava | Svoboda & Williams

14. October 2021

Svoboda & Williams Exclusively Offers the Julius Kraus Villa for Lease in Bubeneč

The Svoboda & Williams real estate agency has been exclusively instructed to broker the lease of offices in an architecturally unique building: the Julius Kraus villa, situated in Bubeneč’s diplomatic quarter on Na Zátorce Street.

Built at the beginning of the 20th century, the elegant Julius Kraus villa was designed by the eminent Art Nouveau and Cubist architect Emil Králíček. Showcasing a large number of decorative ornaments both within and without, its street-facing façade is decked with a pair of polygonal buttresses and colorful sgraffiti in a floral pattern designed by sculptor Antonín Waigant, all crowned by a mansard roof. Inside, the impressive staircase hall with a ceiling with refined moulding is lined with wooden coffered panelling, while also illuminated by windows with geometric ornaments.

The three-story villa offers a total of 902 sq. m. of air-conditioned office space, including two meeting rooms, three kitchenettes, a sufficient number of toilets, storage space, and a reception. Thanks to large-format windows and bay windows, the individual offices are bright and airy and have pleasant views of the private garden full of mature trees. Nine parking spaces are part of the property. “Due to its prestigious location and unique architecture, the Julius Kraus villa offers excellent office space for a creative agency, embassy, architectural studio, or any company that wants to be based in its own building with a garden and an elegant and inspiring atmosphere,” says Sylva Turinská from Svoboda & Williams’ commercial leasing team.

More about the Julius Kraus villa.


 Julius Kraus Villa for Lease in Bubeneč | Svoboda & Williams

11. October 2021

Fragment: The Flagship of Rental Housing is Growing at a Swift Pace

The rough construction of the Fragment residential project is continuing according to schedule. The reinforced concrete structure has now reached the sixth floor and the fragmented look of its repeating blocks is gradually being revealed. Up to now, it could only be seen in the project’s visualizations.

An important element that we have been following very closely in recent weeks is the construction of the residential bridge that will connect the two wings of the building at the point in which they turn away from each other. This is a major challenge in terms of structural engineering, but it allows us to create apartments with truly unique interiors,” says Marcel Soural, chairman of the board of Trigema.

At the beginning of October, work began on the HVAC system and drywall partitions, and so the layouts of the individual apartments are starting to take shape. The relocation of the hot water pipes and sewerage lines for the building was completed. Rough construction is planned to be finished in Q1 2022.

More information about the Fragment project.


Fragment: The Flagship of Rental Housing

29. September 2021

Svoboda & Williams Wins Best Local Real Estate Agency Title at HOF Awards 2021

Svoboda & Williams won the Best Local Real Estate Agency title at the 6th annual HOF Awards, which took place on September 23rd at the same time as the CEDEM 2021 conference.

This year's HOF Awards featured a total of 21 categories. Companies and projects across Central Europe were nominated for the various titles, such as Best Residential Development, which was won by the Slovak Sky Park Residence project. The Flow Building in Prague received two awards.

The HOF Awards were part of the CEDEM 21 international conference. Over thirty speakers from leading real estate companies from the Czech Republic and abroad made presentations addressing a wide range of topics. Most touched on the changes brought about by the pandemic.

Prokop Svoboda, owner of Svoboda & Williams, addressed the panel devoted to the residential market. Focusing on the development of the Prague real estate market during the last eight months, he pointed out that when people are deciding where to park their funds, the key aspect today is capital gains, i.e., how the property appreciates over time. He went on to say that after the rapid and record-breaking first half of the year, the market has started to slow down, which is reflected in both the volume of mortgages and in the number of inquiries that Svoboda & Williams is currently recording. All of these issues, however, are related to the increasingly limited housing stock, which is starting to stagnate due to significant construction delays and other factors.

Svoboda & Williams HOF Awards

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