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11. November 2019

Svoboda & Williams Expands to Slovakia

Svoboda & Williams, a renowned real estate agency with Czech roots that has been active on the domestic real estate market for almost two decades, started offering its services in Slovakia this spring. The agency is the exclusive affiliate of Christie’s International Real Estate for Slovakia. This prestigious global network offers properties in the most sought-after locations worldwide.

Czech real estate agency Svoboda & Williams, founded by Marion Williams and Prokop Svoboda, early on established itself as the dominant player in the domestic premium real estate segment. Its reputation is founded on a progressive marketing philosophy and the high quality of its services and portfolio. In 2017, the agency became the exclusive affiliate of Christie’s International Real Estate for the Czech Republic and Slovakia. “The license we received from Christie’s was the immediate impulse for our expansion,” explains Prokop Svoboda, owner of Svoboda & Williams. Another important factor was the high level of interconnection between the Czech and Slovak markets. “In recent years, investors we cooperate with in the Czech Republic, many of them from Slovakia, have often encouraged us to extend our services to the Slovak market,” says Prokop Svoboda. Svoboda & Williams is expanding to Slovakia at a time when the country is undergoing an unprecedented real estate boom caused in part by low mortgage interest rates. Every quarter, the prices of Slovak properties set new records.

Alongside Svoboda & Williams, which focuses on premium properties, the agency is also expanding the Feelhome brand to Slovakia in order to offer high quality apartments and family houses in the mid and lower price ranges. Properties at the proverbial tip of the real estate iceberg will carry the prestigious Christie’s International Real Estate label. “Our cooperation with Christie’s International Real Estate, which is owned by the legendary auction house, offers Slovak premium property owners the opportunity to present their homes and apartments within the context of a brand with an esteemed international reputation and will therefore help them reach investors all over the world. Slovak buyers will have easy access to luxury properties in the most attractive locations worldwide,” adds Prokop Svoboda.

JUDr. David Martan RSc., who has over 15 years of experience on the Slovak market and has worked on a number of successful real estate projects, will head the Slovak branch of Svoboda & Williams. David Martan is a lawyer and holds the title of RSc. (Real Estate Consultant), which is the highest level of real estate education that one can achieve. “We offer Slovak clients the added value of distinguished brands and the know-how of an established real estate agency combined with our expert knowledge of the market. We have put together a team of real estate experts who will work in the Bratislava branch. Negotiations with property owners and local developers are under way,” stated David Martan. Svoboda & Williams will offer its services to those interested in selling, buying, or renting properties, as well as to developers. The agency’s own marketing team creates a comprehensive marketing strategy and the project’s visual identity, which it then communicates through Svoboda & Williams’ marketing channels and through the purchase of advertisements.

The Bratislava branch of Svoboda & Williams is located in Old Town on Ventúrska 12. You can find the Feelhome brand in the new Slnečnice neighborhood, which is being built on the right bank of the Danube River at the edge of Petržalka, on Zuzany Chalupovej 10B. The Feelhome office is also open weekdays from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

The Slovak version of the Svoboda & Williams website.

Svoboda & Williams Expands to Slovakia

11. November 2019

Svoboda & Williams Opened Its New Feelhome Branch in Bratislava

The Svoboda & Williams real estate agency is bringing its Feelhome brand to the Slovak market. Feelhome features properties from the lower and mid-priced real estate segments. The Bratislava Feelhome branch, which opened its doors in October, is located in the new Slnečnice neighborhood, the largest residential project in Slovakia.

The Feelhome brand offers apartments and family houses for sale and rent with affordable prices, yet still with the same high standard of services that clients have come to expect from Svoboda & Williams. Feelhome’s selection of properties, which currently consists of apartments and family houses for sale and rent in Bratislava and other attractive locations in Slovakia, comes with the experience of a renowned real estate agency with its own unique style of communication.

The Feelhome office in the stylish Slnečnice neighborhood on the right bank of the Danube River where Petržalka ends was designed by the SAD atelier. Slnečnice has the vibrant atmosphere of a modern neighborhood with everything that this entails: residential housing, public spaces, and greenery. Upon completion, almost 9,000 residents will call it their home. “Thanks to the gradual development of affordable and comfortable housing in Slnečnice with urban features yet close to nature, we could not have found a better place to fit the brand concept of Feelhome,” says David Martan, head of the Slovak branch of Svoboda & Williams.
Feelhome’s address is Zuzany Chalupovej 10B. It is open for clients every weekday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

The Slovak version of the Feelhome website.

Feelhome Slovakia | Svoboda & Williams

11. November 2019

Current Trends in the Slovak Real Estate Market

In many ways, the Slovak real estate market shares similar characteristics with the Czech one: property prices are rising (especially in the capital city and its immediate area), interest rates are falling, and the demand for housing is higher than the supply available. These trends are not projected to change in the near future, making Slovakia a very interesting country from an investment perspective.

Analysts have been pointing out that interest rates have hit bottom and that we must expect them to rebound, but the opposite is true—the average mortgage interest rate in the Czech Republic and Slovakia is still decreasing. Banks in both markets are trying to make up for the collapse of the mortgage market. For example, the Slovenská spořitelna bank currently offers mortgages with a 0.79% interest rate (the average interest rate in the Czech Republic is 2.47%). However, with rising housing prices there is less interest in mortgages: in the second quarter, Slovak properties showed a year-on-year increase of 8.3%. The fastest rising prices are for older properties, and potential buyers will pay 5% more for new properties than in 2018. Real estate prices in Bratislava are three times higher than in other regions; in the popular district of Bratislava II – Ružinov they are even increasing by 12% annually.

Investors who are thinking about placing part of their capital in the Slovak real estate market will appreciate the fact that there are no restrictions for foreign clients in this area, except in the acquisition of farmland. What’s more, the increase in property prices is not expected to slow down. In fact, real estate costs are rising exponentially, which is reflected in the prices of new residential projects. The Slovak market also has many advantages over its Czech counterpart. For one, Slovakia doesn’t have a real estate acquisition tax, which means that, compared to the Czech Republic, properties are 4% cheaper. Slovakia is also part of the eurozone, and so investors can have confidence in a stable currency, while avoiding exchange rate risk and currency conversion fees, which are around 1%. Another benefit is Bratislava’s strategic location on the border of Austria and Hungary and close to the Czech Republic.

Current Trends in the Slovak Real Estate Market | Svoboda & Williams

10. November 2019

Svoboda & Williams Announces 70% Occupancy in the myhive Pankrac House Serviced Flexi Offices

Six months after launching, the serviced myhive Flexi Offices, located in the Pankrac House building, are now 70% occupied. Part of the portfolio of Offices Unlimited, the project confirms the growing popularity of flexible offices and coworking space in the Czech Republic.

A wide diversity of companies and individuals have leased offices in myhive Flexi Offices. Besides IT companies and startups, such as Gappex or Voda z mraku, they include the Mountpark developer and, starting in November, the senate office of Jiří Drahoš. Attorney Mgr. Daniel Samol has an office on the same floor, and so tenants can have their signatures authorized in Czech and English right where they work. People without a permanent office also use the services of myhive Flexi Offices, most of whom rent a meeting room for training sessions or conferences. Additionally, the coworking space has welcomed its first six freelancers, who work in various fields.

The new concept that emerged in the Pankrác House administrative building quickly attracted a large number of potential tenants not only due to the flexibility and range of services it offered, but also because of the pleasant workspace that was created here in a relatively short period of time. “The office has an incredibly friendly atmosphere. Our clients are thankful for the peaceful and quiet workplace and appreciate our individual approach to them,” says Marie Kantorová, office manager at myhive Flexi Offices.

More on the myhive Flexi Offices project.

Offer of fully equipped offices for lease.

myhive Flexi Offices | Svoboda & Williams

23. October 2019

The Czech Concrete Industry Introduced a Revolution in Construction: Recycled Concrete

For many years, construction experts have been trying to innovate how cement is produced. The Czech company ERC-Tech has recently made great strides and together with Skanska it developed a new type of concrete that is entirely made of recycled construction debris. This unique Czech patent has the potential to revolutionize both the construction industry and the environment.

Although not obvious at first glance, demolition rubble and debris is a major problem—it accounts for almost half of all waste generated in the Czech Republic. Only one tenth of the rubble is used for other purposes, which is a shamefully low number considering how much non-renewable resources are wasted and the high carbon footprint of mining and transporting materials. Construction companies have been trying to recycle construction rubble in part because of the rising costs of sand, gravel, and stone, which increase overall construction costs.

The innovations created by František Polák from ERC-Tech will elegantly solve all of these problems. In collaboration with Skanska’s innovation and development specialists, he invented a material called Rebetong, which has properties similar to concrete, but is made of construction debris instead of sand, grave, and stone. It also has a lower thermal conductivity coefficient than conventional concrete, and so it decreases a building’s energy consumption. For now, the technology and know-how—the way in which the debris is crushed and the special nanoblend added to it—is a closely guarded secret. Skanska is the first construction company in the world that officially manufactures this Czech invention.

Source of photos: Skanska a.s.

Rebetong | Skanska

21. October 2019

Svoboda & Williams Partner of the Real Estate Market Autumn 2019 Conference

The Real Estate Market Autumn 2019 conference took place on October 17th at the Grandior Hotel in Prague. This time, the theme of the event was the latest trends of the new real estate era. Prokop Svoboda, owner of the Svoboda & Williams real estate agency, took part in the final discussion panel. His presentation was entitled “Premium Segment Prices in a Prague-Wide Context.”

During the course of the conference, panelists discussed the latest topics that the Czech real estate market has been abuzz with. David Kužela from Ernst & Young considered the potential of rental housing projects in the Czech Republic, which are hampered by not being able to deduct VAT and therefore their development has been rather slow. Pavel Sovička, director of Panattoni Europe, spoke about the lack of infrastructure that forces foreign companies to invest instead in neighboring countries. He agreed with Milan Kratina from the Accolade company that investment into infrastructure is crucial for the economic development of the country and that the Czech Republic is lagging behind its neighbors in this area.

There was an interesting debate among the developers and municipal representatives during the panel on public space and participation. Marcel Soural from Trigema pointed out that developers are trying to meet residents’ demands when realizing their new projects, but that they need more support from politicians at the local level and from civil servants.

During the panel on apartments and housing not only in Prague, Petr Michálek, CEO of Skanska Reality, presented a new concept of prefabricated housing that will speed up construction and open the door to people who currently can’t afford to own housing. The owner of the Svoboda & Williams real estate agency, Prokop Svoboda, focused on the other end of the residential housing spectrum, i.e. the premium segment, and more specifically on current premium property prices. According to numerous newspaper articles, it would seem that the average price of an apartment in Prague has risen to the average price of a premium property. However, a closer look at the numbers and prices based on real estate transactions shows that the difference between the two segments continues to be around 40%. Only in Prague 1 and 2 are the averages similar, since both municipal districts are premium locations.

 Real Estate Market Autumn 2019 | Svoboda & Williams

18. October 2019

Open House Held in Hradešínská Residence

At the end of September, the recently approved Hradesinska Residence held an open house that allowed participants to view a furnished show flat and enjoy the beautiful views offered by the spacious terrace.

The successfully approved Hradešínská Residence boasts a 1930s atmosphere, superior housing standards, and all the benefits of a peaceful and green neighborhood. During the open house, potential buyers had the opportunity to experience what life could be like in this unique apartment building.

View a video of the open house event.

Residence Hradešínská home staging photos here.

Open House Held in Hradešínská Residence

14. October 2019

Na Petřinách 7: The Scaffolding Has Been Removed and the January Final Approval Date is Fast Approaching

Construction work is continuing on the Na Petřinách 7 residential project. The scaffolding was removed at the beginning of October, and so the work is continuing on schedule. The January final approval date for the apartment units, which Svoboda & Williams has been put exclusively in charge of selling, is rapidly approaching.

Now that the scaffolding has been taken down, the building’s hand-applied façade that took two months to finish as well as the terraces that face the peaceful garden full of mature trees are revealed. The garden was designed by the famous Atelier Flera, who combined form and function to create the unique space. The Na Petřinách 7 residence is thus another step closer to the final approval date, which, according to the schedule, is planned for January 2020.

Please contact our office to schedule a viewing.

More information on the Na Petřinách 7 project.

Na Petřinách 7 | Svoboda & Williams

10. October 2019

The New Headquarters of the Six Dots Entertainment Group Is a Revitalized Industrial Building in Nusle

The Svoboda & Williams real estate agency mediated the lease of 480 sq. m. of office space in a fully revitalized, creatively redesigned building in the Prague district of Nusle that served in the 20th century as a meat curing facility for Augustin Šebek’s famous sausages. The Six Dots Entertainment Group ticket sales company moved their headquarters into the interesting courtyard building in September.

The Czech company Six Dots Entertainment Group is a leader in the ticket sales business—the Ticketstream, Ticketon, Bohemia Ticket, and companies and websites fall under it. When founder of Six Dots Entertainment Group Viktor Mastník was looking for new company headquarters, he searched for offices that would go beyond the usual offering of such spaces, and the newly revitalized former meat curing facility in Nusle—a rapidly transforming neighborhood—turned out to be an ideal fit. “For me, an inspiring workspace is one of the most important things in business. When I went to see the meticulously renovated space, I learned about the building’s history and met the architect, Patrik Hoffman. I decided on the spot to take it,“ said the new lessee of the building. “Mr. Mastník was intrigued by the building not only due to its convenient location in Prague 4 (his preferred business district), but also for its atmosphere and truly original design. Our cooperation was easy and smooth from the very beginning,” added Karin Konrádová from Svoboda & Williams.

When renowned architect Patrik Hoffman was redesigning the building, he maintained its industrial genius loci, while giving it a contemporary look. The space combines cement, glass, metal, blue-painted paving stones, and the unique play of light and shadow, which is helped by new windows and skylights. The main feature that recalls the building’s past as a factory is the twenty-meter chimney. Hoffman transformed this space into an original smoking room. Thanks to his painstaking efforts, the four-story building preserved its authenticity and traces of its past. Its distinctive appearance recalls the time when this former cured meat facility was an important spot in Nusle.

Six Dots Entertainment Group | Svoboda & Williams

10. October 2019

The Luxury Defined Magazine Added a V TOWER, Prague Penthouse to Its Selection of Exclusive Properties Worldwide with Sensational Views

Impressive views, unparalleled luxury, complete privacy, and exquisite comforts—all of this and more is what the two exceptional penthouses at the very top of the V TOWER, Prague iconic skyscraper have to offer. The Luxury Defined by Christie’s International Real Estate magazine added the 866 sq. m. eastern penthouse to its selection of 8 luxury apartments from around the world. All are located at spectacular heights with the best views imaginable. The exclusive selling agent for the two penthouses is Svoboda & Williams.

The penthouses at the top of V TOWER, Prague are positioned higher than any other residence in the Czech Republic. What elevates them over the rest is not just their height of 266 meters above sea level, but also the standards according to which they were built. They offer first-class home technology and equipment, and 24/7 concierge services. Large-format windows and the building’s unique shape, which affords each room with its own access to a balcony or terrace, create a feeling of utter peace. Both penthouses are crowned with a private rooftop terrace with a stainless steel pool. The V TOWER, Prague skyscraper was designed according to the strictest noise reduction, safety, and sustainability criteria, and so Prague can easily stand among cities such as New York, Hong Kong, Toronto, or Sydney, and offer potential buyers from all over the world two trophy properties.

Prospective buyers can view a fully furnished show flat and see for themselves what truly stunning views and amenities this unique building has to offer. Contact our office to schedule a viewing today.

The article in the Luxury Defined by Christie’s International Real Estate magazine.

More information on the penthouses in V TOWER, Prague.

V TOWER, Prague | Penthouse | Svoboda & Williams

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