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13. August 2018

Svoboda & Williams Introduces Private Home Search

Svoboda & Williams newly offers the Private Home Search consulting service for clients looking for a premium property of unique parameters. This new tailor-made service will provide them with professional assistance in finding the perfect property, unbiased advice, and consultancy throughout the acquisition process.

Thanks to Private Home Search, the client will gain access to properties across the entire market, including off-market properties, listings of other real estate companies, and projects that are in preparation. Whether it’s a luxury apartment in the center of Prague, an exceptional family estate, a property of unique provenance or a recreational property, thanks to its extensive list of contacts, Svoboda & Williams is sure to identify the best that the market has to offer in the given category and location. The search isn’t limited to the Czech market: in cooperation with the other Affiliates of the Christie’s International Real Estate network, Svoboda & Williams will help you discover the right property for you in some of the most attractive locations around the globe.

For each of the properties that spark the client’s interest, Svoboda & Williams will compile all available information and write out an unbiased assessment. We will also provide consultancy services during the acquisition process, including legal services. If needed, Private Home Search can also include expert consultation on investment projects and advice on the possibilities of generating long-term yield, including rental and property management options.

More information about the service can be found here.

Svoboda & Williams | Private Home Search

13. August 2018

Svoboda & Williams Launches its Watchdog Service

At you may now use our new Watchdog service, which constantly monitors our real estate offers and sends you automatic notifications of new or repriced offers according to the filters you have selected.

Monitoring the real estate market and searching for properties and apartments is a tedious process. Moreover, sometimes it can happen that you blink and the “perfect” property for you is gone. This is the reason that Svoboda & Williams has created a service that will monitor our real estate offers 24 hours a day for you. As soon as a new listing that fulfills your requirements appears, you will receive an e-mail notification.

Using Watchdog is easy: just select the basic parameters of the property you are looking for (location, size, price range, etc.) and choose how often you want to receive e-mails. You can also set up multiple parallel Watchdogs with different filters, which will help you monitor the corresponding property types.

Watchdog monitors the properties that are in the portfolio of Svoboda & Williams. The service is free and there are no obligations attached. You can register here.

Watchdog | Svoboda & Williams

16. July 2018

Svoboda & Williams Launches Sale of Phase II of PRAGA Rezidence Project

Svoboda & Williams has launched the sale of Phase II of the PRAGA Rezidence project, a new architecturally unique building that seamlessly blends with the surrounding neighborhood in the historic part of Karlín.

Phase II offers 7 stylish one-bedroom to four-bedroom (52-261 sq. m.) apartments, including two three-story townhouse apartments with large terraces and a separate floor for a bedroom. The apartments are finished to a high standard and unfurnished, and their interiors feature all of the comforts of urban living. Their future owners will have the option of buying a parking space in the underground garage.

The nine-story building with its large private garden is situated at the foot of the green Vítkov Hill, on the site of the former PRAGA automobiles garage. The striking new building will be part of a mixed-use complex of three buildings with a pedestrian zone connecting Křižíkova and Pernerova Streets. PRAGA Rezidence, with its clean, timeless lines, designed by the A.D.N.S. architectural studio, offers ideal 21st century housing – at the heart of a vibrant neighborhood with a unique ambience, yet with nature close at hand. The project is being developed by the M2 Real Estate company.

Official website of the project: PRAGA Rezidence

Svoboda & Williams | PRAGA Rezidence

16. July 2018

Trophy Homes: The Pinnacle of the Real Estate Market

Christie’s International Real Estate has published its annual study, "Luxury Defined," which – among other topics – focuses on trophy homes – the most luxurious private residences. The most expensive trophy home sold last year held the stunning price tag of $360 million.

For a property to be considered a “trophy home” it has to be an exceptionally high-end residence, house, or apartment with first-class attributes, the most important being its location, but also privacy and safety, its architectural value, size, views, as well as its amenities. Globally, only roughly 2% of the top-tier properties are considered trophy homes.

According to Luxury Defined, resale homes still constitute most of the trophy homes sold on the market, but new builds are on the rise. For example, in Hong Kong, where nine of the top ten most high-priced properties were sold last year, new builds sell at higher prices than similar older homes, which are torn down and rebuilt. There, buyers place little value in a home’s provenance. In comparison, on the European market a property’s history is a significant selling point.

So-called “spec” homes, short for speculative trophy homes, are a new trend. These are residences that are not custom built for a specific client. Instead, developers build them based on the estimated taste and preferences of a potential target group, and offer them for sale once they are move-in ready.

Last year, the Pollock’s Path Estate in Hong Kong’s Victoria Peak was sold to a buyer for an unparalleled $360 million, a record for a private home that year. This year’s record-breaking price tag was held once again by a residence in Hong Kong that was sold for $178 million. Also in the top ten international property sales this year are homes in Malibu, New York, Los Angeles, Hawaii, and on the French Riviera. “For our July newsletter, we have selected several ultra high-end properties from around the world to inspire our clients,” says Veronika Krejcárková, International Property Consultant at Svoboda & Williams.

“In the Czech market, trophy homes are residences that sell for over 100 million Czech crowns. But truly spectacular properties can be valued up to half-a-billion,” adds Veronika Krejcárková.

Christie’s regular Luxury Defined report is based on data collected from more than eighty premium real estate companies from around the world, including Svoboda & Williams, who are Affiliates of the Christie’s International Real Estate network. 

Trophy Homes | Svoboda & Williams

13. July 2018

Šárecký Dvůr Residential Project Receives Final Approval

The unique Šárecký dvůr residential park, located in the Prague neighborhood of Vokovice, just a few minutes away from the Divoká Šárka nature reserve, has received final approval. A total of 51 upscale apartments will be move-in ready next month. The units are sold exclusively by Svoboda & Williams.

The Šárecký dvůr residential park, developed by the CRESTYL group, is located in the old part of Prague’s exclusive Vokovice neighborhood, which has a peaceful atmosphere evoking the countryside. Located in the vicinity of Evropská Street, the Nádraží Veleslavín metro station, and several tram stops, the project boasts easy access to the city center as well as the airport. The buildings, designed by Bogle Architects, artfully combine the original architecture of the historic court with 21st century design. The highlight of the park is a carefully reconstructed Baroque building whose courtyard is ringed by five new villas.

Ranging in size from one-bedroom to four-bedroom, from 66 sq. m. to 233 sq. m., the apartments have stylish interiors designed by Chmelař Architects and are complete with balconies, terraces, and beautiful private gardens. The project also features magnificent apartments, which cover up to three floors and have original vaulted Baroque ceilings and columns, as well as generously conceived penthouses. The price of each apartment includes 1 to 3 garage parking spaces and a cellar unit. The reception, camera system, and the preserved Baroque wall that surrounds the complex ensures residents’ security and privacy.

"The overarching statement is a balance of the ‘old and new’ where the original buildings are reinvigorated and sit harmoniously beside the modern interventions. Bold, contemporary modern architecture is the backdrop for the landscape design, created by Šmídová Landscape Architects. The colorful landscaping acts as the glue that ties the scheme together achieving a harmony between the historic and modern elements while taking references from the nearby Džbán water reservoir. Technology plays its part in the overall design of the project creating a 21st century contemporary scheme in this discrete, historical context,” says Ian Bogle from Bogle Architects.

A soirée to celebrate the project’s opening was recently held in Šárecký dvůr. It was followed by an open house. Those who came to either event had the opportunity to explore the courtyard and park, including a show flat that was furnished in collaboration with Atelier Manuall and the Soffa magazine.

Šárecký dvůr | Svoboda & Williams

19. June 2018

Svoboda & Williams Launches the Sale of Apartments in Vila Hodkovičky

The sale of boutique apartments in Vila Hodkovičky has been launched and will be handled exclusively by Svoboda & Williams. The elegant villa, situated in an attractive neighborhood of Prague surrounded by greenery, includes 13 modern apartments that will be move-in ready by the end of the year.

The new residential project whose timeless architecture is the work of the P6PA+Architects studio, is located in one of Prague’s most peaceful quarters, at the edge of the beautiful Hodkovičky villa neighborhood. The building includes underground parking, an elevator, and private gardens. Its bright and comfortable apartments range from studios to three-bedroom layouts whose floor areas are from 44 to 108 sq. m. The villa is made up of two connected sections of different heights: the larger section with its square-shaped floor-plan has 10 apartments and five floors while the smaller section has an elongated, rectangular floor plan and three townhouse apartments. Five ground-level apartments have private gardens that are partially fringed by mature trees. The price of each apartment includes a parking space and a cellar unit, as well as a place where residents can wash their dogs and bikes.

The apartments let in a lot of light through their large floor-to-ceiling windows and are sold in a finished state. New owners will then complete the final interior details according to their tastes. The prices of the apartments range from 4.4 to 12 million CZK including VAT, which corresponds to 95 000 to 115 000 CZK per square meter of floor area.

The final approval of Vila Hodkovičky is expected by the end of November 2018. Starting on August 1st, prospective buyers will be able to view a fully furnished show flat.

Official website of the project: Vila Hodkovičky

Vila Hodkovičky | Svoboda & Williams

12. June 2018

Na Petřinách 7: Luxury Living Amid Greenery

Svoboda & Williams is exclusively launching the sale of the Na Petřinách 7 project, a five-story building that includes 13 high-end apartments. Inspired by Functionalism, the villa is surrounded by an exquisitely landscaped garden. It is situated in an attractive part of Prague 6, close to the Břevnov Benedictine Monastery and the Ořechovka villa quarter.

Before the war, there were plans to expand the Ořechovka neighborhood, and the villa is in the area of this planned expansion. The history of the space and its large garden inspired us to design an apartment building that would evoke the architecture and standard of living of the neighboring villas,” says Petr Kokeš of the SUNCAD studio that designed the project.

The low-energy Na Petřinách 7 building includes luxury apartments with balconies or terraces in the exclusive area between Břevnov and Petřiny, with a metro station within walking distance. The size of the apartments, from 66 sq.m. (for one-bedroom apartments) up to 256 sq.m. complements the building’s exquisite design and its attractive neighborhood. The apartments are spacious and airy, with extra high ceilings (290 cm). Each apartment comes with a large storage space in the basement and two underground parking spaces (the building’s first residents may select their spaces).

The villa has a large garden with full-grown trees, designed by the renowned landscape architects of Atelier Flera. There are private sections as well as a common area that includes space for family barbecues, relaxation zones, and a sandbox. “We designed the garden so that it would serve all of the building’s residents. It has sections for family events and parties with friends as well as space for everyday relaxation,” stated Ferdinand Leffler from Atelier Flera.

The name of Jiří Šalda, developer and spiritual guru of the project, who was also in charge of its construction management, is a guarantee that the project will be of prime quality. During careful preparation of the Na Petřinách 7 project, Jiří Šalda relied on his 20-year experience of working in construction. The construction of the project was financed by Česká spořitelna.

There is rather a deficiency of apartments for sale in Prague today, and this has been a long-term phenomenon especially for luxury real estate. And so, we are very happy that we can add this attractively located project to our portfolio,” says Prokop Svoboda, Managing Partner of Svoboda & Williams. The project is planned to be finished in 2019.

Na Petřinách 7 | Svoboda & Williams

11. June 2018

Global Luxury Homes Sales Grow

According to a report by the Christie’s International Real Estate network, there was a 11% year-on-year growth in luxury homes sales in 2017. The upward trend continues this year.

Christie’s International Real Estate published Luxury Defined, an annual report, which surveys the international high-end property market. Luxury Defined includes a detailed analysis of the data provided by more that 80 high-end real estate companies from all over the world including Svoboda & Williams, which are affiliates of the Christie’s network.

According to Luxury Defined, the sale of luxury homes (with a $1 million-plus price tag) increased by 11% year-on-year in 2017. The year-on-year growth in 2016 was only 1%, a year before 8% while in 2014 it amounted to 16%. In comparison, Svoboda & Williams recorded a 19% year-on-year growth of sales of this kind of properties last year and a 23% year-on-year growth in 2016.

The demand for premium properties has been driven by healthy macroeconomic influences and related optimistic expectations of future development, according to the Christie’s report. The worldwide economic growth also contributes to the swelling of the population of potential buyers: according to the Forbes, the number of billionaires has grown by 259 to the record 2208 in the last year and their combined net worth rose to $9.1 trillion – up from 18% in 2017.

Growing demand within this limited segment is evidenced by the decline in the time needed to sell a prime property. While the average period on the market for luxury homes was 160 days in 2016, last year they sold in 146 days on average, states Luxury Defined. According to the data of Svoboda & Williams, there has been a drop from 210 days in 2016 to 175 days last year. However, truly exceptional properties find their new owner faster.

The Christie’s survey also revealed that there has been a worldwide decrease in luxury homes (with a $1 million-plus price tag) purchased with cash. 29% of luxury homes were bought with cash in 2017, a decline from 36% in 2016 and 44% reported in 2015. 

Svoboda & Williams portfolio includes premium properties in Greece, Portugal, Switzerland and France that are offered in co-operation with Christie’s International Real Estate.

Christie’s International Real Estate | Luxury Defined

23. May 2018

New Team of Svoboda & Williams Brno Branch

Tereza Štěrbová is the new head of the Brno branch of Svoboda & Williams. Her team has been newly joined by Lukáš Habas and Anna Hloušková.

Newly overseeing Svoboda & Williams’s business in the Moravian region and the company’s Brno branch is Tereza Štěrbová. Ever since joining Svoboda & Williams in February 2015, her specialization has been properties in Brno and its surroundings. Before joining the company she worked in the banking sector (ČMSS and Hypoteční banka) and in education. She gained further professional experience in sales during her three-years working stay in the USA.

Lukáš Habas, who was hired for the position of a real estate consultant, focuses on mediating sales of residential and commercial properties as well as searching for suitable acquisition opportunities for investors and developers. Before joining Svoboda & Williams, he worked at the Welfare Advisory consulting company and at Fincentrum.

Another new addition to the Brno team is Anna Hloušková. She specializes in property rentals in the South Moravian region. Before joining Svoboda & Williams, she worked in education. 

Svoboda & Williams | Brno Team

16. May 2018

Vila Hodkovičky: Peaceful Living by the Vltava River

Brought to the market by Svoboda & Williams, the intimate residential project of Vila Hodkovičky offers attractive, family-friendly housing in a pleasant, tranquil Prague location.

Vila Hodkovičky offers a total of 13 apartments which range from studios to three-bedroom layouts whose floor areas are between 41 to 104 sq.m. Worth a special mention are three duplex apartments, each of which has its own private garden. The prices of the apartments range between 4.4 and 12 million CZK including VAT, which corresponds to 95 000 to 105 000 CZK per sq.m. of floor area. The price of each apartment includes an underground parking space.

Situated on a hillside of the Vltava river valley, between Braník and Modřany, the peaceful Prague quarter of Hodkovičky is characterized by plenty of greenery, low urban density and easy access to the city center. Thanks to this desirable mix, the Vila Hodkovičky will surely be of interest to those longing to escape the hustle and bustle of the city center while keeping it close at hand.

The villa exhibits an intriguing architectural face. It consists of two connected prisms of different heights – the larger and higher part of the structure has five floors and faces the street while the lower part only has two floors and features a roof covered with greenery under which the duplex apartments are situated. The ground floor of the building is partly embedded in the terrain, which is why the entrance is placed at the level of the first floor. The project was designed by the P6PA+Architects studio, whose portfolio comprises a number of smaller residential projects whose architecture respects the context of their surrounding buildings.

"Vila Hodkovičky is an excellent option for those looking for peaceful living in a location with low traffic density and ubiquitous greenery – especially for families with children. This target group is reflected in the prices of the apartments – despite the project's high quality and – in the context of the capital city – unique location, the purchase prices do not exceed the current Prague average," says Prokop Svoboda, the Managing Partner of Svoboda & Williams. The sale of the 13 apartment units in the Vila Hodkovičky project will be launched in mid-June 2018.

Official website of the Vila Hodkovičky project.

Vila Hodkovičky | Residential Project in Prague 4

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