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12. January 2022

Apartmány Bramberk: An Original Building Given New Life Through Reconstruction

Construction work on the Apartmány Bramberk mountain residential project—a reconstructed former recreational resort in Pec pod Sněžkou—went according to plan last year.

Prior to winterization, work on the original building primarily focused on adding the pool and the elevator in the southern wing. In addition, the bottom of the pool and its side walls were concreted and then waterproofed. Construction also began on the covered parking spaces.

Once finished, the Apartmány Bramberk project will offer ten spaciously appointed units with floor areas from 113 to 155 sq. m. The building will also include a private wellness area with a 15-meter pool and an elegant lobby with a bar. Its location in the mountains means that construction is dependent on the weather conditions. The building has therefore been winterized and secured; work is expected to resume in March 2022.

More information about the Apartmány Bramberk project.


The Apartmány Bramberk mountain residential project

11. January 2022

Exclusive Life Magazine Interviewed Magdalena Svatková

The January issue of Exclusive Life includes an interview with Magdalena Svatková, who leads Svoboda & Williams’ most successful team that focuses on the sale of premium real estate.

I got to where I am today mostly thanks to hard work, continuous education and training, and professionalism. I am grateful for my career and lucky that I get to do what I love. Maintaining good contacts with clients has been extremely important and I’ve stuck with the mantra ‘fortune favors the prepared mind’,” says Magdalena Svatková in the interview.


Magdalena Svatková | Svoboda & Williams

15. December 2021

Second Sales Phase of the Nové Lauby Residential Project Launched

The Svoboda & Williams real estate agency is launching the second sales phase of the Nové Lauby residential project that is currently being built in the center of Ostrava under the supervision of the investor—the BBB Nové Lauby Association—in cooperation with the city of Ostrava and the znamení čtyř – architekti studio.

Once completed, the Nové Lauby residential project will offer a total of 85 apartments. The 31 apartments that the city will buy from the investor will exclusively be used as rental housing; 52 apartments will be for sale and these will gradually be added to Svoboda & Williams’ property listings. “We are now offering seven apartments with studio to three-bedroom layouts and one non-residential space. We launched the first sales phase in October and in just one month we signed seven binding reservations. As expected, the units in this project are in great demand,” says Eva Prašivková, Senior Property Consultant at Svoboda & Williams.

While the sale of the apartments is ongoing, the actual construction of the project is also moving forward. At present, earthwork and excavation work is being intensively carried out and is already two-thirds complete.

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Nové Lauby Residential Project

15. December 2021

Sale of the Apartments in the Slávičie Residences Project in Bratislava Launched

As part of an exclusive mandate, the Svoboda & Williams real estate agency is launching the sale of 12 apartments and 4 non-residential premises in the new Slávičie Residences project located in a peaceful part of Old Town—the Slávičie Valley. Final approval is scheduled in March 2022.

Svoboda & Williams’ portfolio will now include 12 new-build apartments that take up entire floors and offer total areas 116 sq. m. to 143 sq. m. Each will come with a cellar storage unit. The four residential buildings will form a gated and monitored complex with common green areas and a management company will be in charge of maintaining the entire property.

The apartments are being sold in a state of shell & core, allowing future owners to complete them according to their wishes. Facilities include insulated triple-glazed Aluprof MB-86 aluminum windows, Lomax exterior blinds in anthracite, a heat recovery unit in each bedroom, a Panasonic Aquarea heat pump, and a Defendor security entrance door. The apartments also have underfloor heating and are ready for the installation of a fireplace. Thanks to clear ceiling heights of 2.8 meters, the interiors are exceptionally bright and airy.

The Slávičie residential complex is surrounded by greenery and tall trees, guaranteeing peace and privacy. A new private drive leads to the main gates, which are equipped with a video doorman. The property is monitored and its green spaces are to be exclusively used by its residents. Underground garages in each building provide problem-free parking.

More about the Slávičie Residences project.

Slávičie Residences Project in Bratislava | Svoboda & WIlliams

08. December 2021

All of the Apartments in the Mánesova 78 Residential Project in Vinohrady Now Sold

Svoboda & Williams has successfully sold the apartments in the Mánesova 78 residential project, a sensitively reconstructed Art Nouveau building situated only a few steps from Jiřího z Poděbrad Square.

Owners are now enjoying their new homes less than a year after the sale of the apartments in the Mánesova 78 residential project was exclusively entrusted to Svoboda & Williams. “Clients purchased the one-bedroom apartments mostly as an investment, while the larger ones were purchased in order to live in them. Since the building received final approval at the end of 2020, new owners could move in right away, and so the apartment house gradually came to life during the course of the year,” says Jana Kociánová, Property Consultant at Svoboda & Williams.


Mánesova 78 Residential Project in Vinohrady

26. November 2021

Svoboda & Williams Published Its First Printed Special Edition of Selected Magazine

Almost a year after launching its online magazine, Selected, Svoboda & Williams has now published its first printed special. The issue is dedicated to the various ways of achieving mindfulness and joy. To celebrate its release, a gala evening of art and fragrance was held on Thursday November 25th at the studio of artist Lucie Jindrák Skřivánková.

The first printed special issue of Selected was produced in close cooperation between Svoboda & Williams’ marketing team and the magazine’s editor-in-chief Tomáš Otta. “One of the first goals we set before we launched the Selected online magazine was to put out a print version once a year. We didn’t want to publish a boring corporate magazine full of hot air, but did our best to create truly interesting content, both in its written as well as visual form,” explains Otta. Natálie Bartošová, who was in charge of the marketing activities associated with the project, adds: “We wanted the printed version of Selected to be elegant and modern at the same time and for its content to revolve around portraits of interesting people.”

The aforementioned visual side of the magazine was elevated to another level by the important contemporary Czech artist Lucie Jindrák Skřivánková, who painted the artwork used for the cover especially for Selected. “I created the painting while thinking about the beauty of life, happiness, and nature in bloom. While painting, I listened to my favorite song, Stand on the Word by Keedz, which always makes me dance. I also named the painting after it. The song is about a love that is solid as a rock and so nothing can destroy it. Yellow is the dominant color of the painting and the whole composition floats and dances, there is a lightness and playfulness to it. These are the things that make life lighter, but fuller at the same time,” says the artist.

The celebration of the publication of the first printed edition of the magazine was held on November 25th at Lucie Jindrák Skřivánková’s studio. The event was organized by Svoboda & Williams and Studio Visit, while the artwork and the home fragrances by Pigmentarium created an unforgettable atmosphere.


Selected Magazine by Svoboda & Williams

25. November 2021

Svoboda & Williams Wins Best Local Real Estate Agency at the CIJ Awards 2021

The Svoboda & Williams real estate agency was the winner of the Best Local Real Estate Agency category at this year’s 21th annual CIJ Awards Czech Republic.

Seventy-three companies, people, projects, transactions, and campaigns competed in 22 categories at this year’s CIJ Awards. The Svoboda & Williams real estate agency defended its title as Best Local Real Estate Agency. “We very much appreciate this award as it validates the continuing quality of the services we provide for our clients. I’d like to thank everyone who voted for us as well as the entire Svoboda & Williams team,” stated Prokop Svoboda, Managing Partner at Svoboda & Williams, upon winning the award.

The longest running real estate competition in the country, the CIJ Awards Czech Republic are presented annually by Roberts Publishing Media Group, s. r. o., a publisher of print and online news focused on the real estate segment in Central and Southeast Europe.


Svoboda & Williams | CIJ Awards 2021

22. November 2021

Svoboda & Williams Financially Supported the Wetlands Association

This year, the Svoboda & Williams real estate agency again gifted the Wetlands Association with a financial donation. This nature conservancy association has long been involved in implementing measures that improve soil water retention, help maintain the water cycle, and support endangered species.

The donation will be used for all the necessary work that needs to be done on the wetlands in the Jihlava area, especially around the Lesnovské wetlands and the Popický, Měšín, Ochoz, and Mukařka ponds. Thanks to this generous gift, we will be able to excavate and restore the pools, repair the ponds’ banks, prune the trees, and revitalize the natural water maintenance capabilities,” says Jaromír Maštera, chairman of the Wetlands Association.

Regular support for the Wetlands Association is one of the environmental initiatives that Svoboda & Williams has been involved in recently. The company has also participated in the protection of the Střední Poohří region through its partnership with the Zamenis association. Its cooperation with the Wetlands Association will create a functioning wetland habitat in the South Bohemian Region.


Svoboda & Williams Financially Supported the Wetlands Association

16. November 2021

Sale of the Houses Designed by World-Renowned Cutler Anderson Architects Launched

The Svoboda & Williams real estate agency has launched the sale of the fourteen houses in the Přístav project that are swiftly emerging by a quiet bay of the Orlík Reservoir. James Cutler from the famous Cutler Anderson Architects studio designed the individual houses, which blend seamlessly with the surrounding landscape thanks to his wholly unique approach.

From the very beginning, the investor’s intention was to create a project in a novel architectural style with an exclusive location by a body of water. Přístav is a peaceful home away from home for those with rarefied tastes who will appreciate the undiluted charm of the scenery where the forest meets the water. This is exactly what the renowned Cutler Anderson Architects studio has accomplished, setting the benchmark for environmentally-friendly construction. Future owners will be able to use the private pier for their boats, a pure connection to the element of water.

James Cutler was inspired by the sloping terrain of the location and designed the houses with it in mind, both from an aesthetic as well as a formal perspective. The back part of each house will be recessed into the ground, which will significantly improve their insulation properties. “The Orlík Reservoir is the central motif that I’ve been working with since the initial designs for this project. All of the houses in the Přístav development will be connected to the lake that stretches out directly beneath them. From above they look like a bunch of little cabins lined up almost like the haystacks in the famous Monet painting. Nestled into a sunny hillside, the view of these haystacks will change throughout the day as the sun’s natural light shifts over the landscape,” explains James Cutler from Cutler Anderson Architects.

In terms of their interiors, the houses in the Přístav project at first glance stand apart from the usual housing standards. Their unique atmosphere is created by the use of Douglas fir wood, which is rare in the Czech Republic but grows in the area around the Orlík Dam. James Cutler comes from America's Midwest where this tree grows in abundance, and he has learned to work with it over the years. It's thus a welcome link to the environment that nurtured his approach to architecture. Other predominant materials will be concrete and natural stone. The charm of the interiors rests mainly in the interplay between these fine and coarse textures. The top of each house will be protected by natural high-strength steel covered by greenery, which will also contribute to a pleasant indoor temperature no matter the season. Thanks to their large glazed facades, the boundary between the exterior and the interior will be almost erased, something that is increasingly sought-after today.

The houses will be offered in two different layouts—two-bedroom and three-bedroom. All of them will be completed and offered in a finished state that includes final surfaces and terraces smoothly connected to the garden. Garages will be part of the top section of each house, allowing for easy access to the interior. The first seven houses in the Přístav project will be move-in ready at end of the year.

More information about the Přístav project.

Houses Designed by World-Renowned Cutler Anderson Architects

15. November 2021

Svoboda & Williams Launches the Fourth Phase of the Sale of the Na Pramenech Family Houses

The successful Na Pramenech residential project is entering the next phase, i.e., the sale of the two semi-detached houses with the most generous floor areas and layouts. The houses in the first three phases are partially completed and fully sold out and the first residents of the complex have already moved in.

The fourth phase of the Na Pramenech residential project, which is currently under construction, will consist of houses with three-bedroom and four-bedroom layouts with the possibility of individual modification to five-bedroom. Their great advantage is their location in the eastern part of the complex near a grassy area, and so future owners can be assured that no further construction will be carried out in the immediate vicinity of their homes. They will also have pleasant views of the greenery and a high level of privacy.

The Na Pramenech project is in high demand. We have been gradually selling the houses in it in three phases since March of last year and they are already completely sold out. Prospective buyers of the houses that are currently being added to our offer therefore have the opportunity to move into a quiet, fully occupied residential neighborhood,” adds Vanda Böhmová, real estate agent at Svoboda & Williams.

After the houses in the fourth phases are built, a nursery school will be constructed in the complex while work on the overall appearance and landscaping of the project will take place. Final approval for the fourth phase is scheduled for the fall of 2022.

More information about the Na Pramenech project.


Na Pramenech Family Houses for Sale

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