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Residential Rentals - Commissions and Fees

Brokerage Commission on Residential Rentals
Rental commissions are earned when a rental contract is signed. The commission plus the VAT is payable upon signing the lease or in the landlord’s case, upon receipt of the first payment of rent and/or the security deposit.

Our brokerage commissions are:
Long term (12 months or longer): the commission is equivalent to one month’s rent plus VAT, according to law paid by both the property landlord and the tenant.
Rental commision in case of managed unit is 50% of one month´s rent plus VAT.
Short term (less than 12 months): the commissions is paid by both the landlord and the tenant. The tenant pays a commission of 20% of the total value of the lease contract for the specified rental period but not exceeding the equivalent of one month’s rent plus VAT. The landlord pays a commission of 1/12 of the monthly rent plus VAT for each month of the specified period according to the contract.