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Mortgages and Financing

Banks offer an increasingly wide range of tools to help you purchase real estate. But unless you are an expert in real estate finance, your purchase can easily become confusing and frustrating. Several basic factors come into play when choosing your selected financing model, including interest rates and fixed-rate periods, the maturity of your loan, the method of security, the price of the contract and all additional costs related to the loan account administration. Each client has unique needs and wishes, with different priorities and varying attitudes towards risks.

Here at Svoboda & Williams, we support you according to your needs regarding the different models of financing that will prove most advantageous. We will introduce you to expert financial brokers who are ready to provide the professional services you need. Brokers will expertly assist you with a wide range of services including:

• Assembling the necessary documents

• Arranging appraisals
• Securities lending, including global securities lending, and prime brokerage financing
• Non-purpose loans secured by another property
• Preparing the relevant purchase contracts in cooperation with the bank

• Supervising each step of the loan process, from the mortgage commitment to the closing procedure
• Filing documents at the land registry office

• Submitting proof of registered property to the bank to assure the timely release of mortgage funding