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Services for Buyers

As a Svoboda & Williams client seeking to buy property, you will receive assistance from an expert real estate agent with excellent knowledge of the current state of the Prague real estate market. Our comprehensive database allows you to receive a list of properties based on your requirements. We will assist you during each stage of the transaction, from identifying a suitable property, through negotiations and financing, to the closing and handover.

We help property buyers by:

• Offering a large selection of properties for sale in attractive Prague locations

• Creating an optimized property offer specifically tailored to our clients’ needs

• Providing information on current real estate market trends and tendencies

• Consulting with our clients to identify their investment goals

• Responding quickly to organize property showings at convenient times for the buyer (evenings and weekends included)

• Offering expert advise regarding the progress of the sale

• Collecting all the required documents (ownership title, project documentation, housing inspection approval)

• Arranging analyses of the construction and technical state of the property (engineer, surveyor reports)
• Providing samples of legal documents in the range: reservation contract, futures contract, sales contract, escrow contracts

• Arranging bank escrow accounts and attorney escrow accounts (attorney escrow with a cooperating lawyer included in the commission)

• Arranging mortgages

• Delivering all required documents to the land registry to record the sale
• Organizing the handover of the property

• Organizing the transfer of all media (meters, etc.) to the new owner

We offer all services and documents in English, Czech and Russian.