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Economic Management and Accountancy

For individual investors, building owners and owners’ associations, we provide complete economic management and accountancy. We will review the current financial situation associated with the building in question and calculate optimal deposits for utilities that will be settled afterwards.

Economic Management
• Setting advance payments, contributions and other payments
• Tenants and owners’ records
• Preparation and settlement of final accountancy (settlement of underpayments and overpayments)
• Check of invoices and operating costs
• Debt collection
• Dealing with insurance issues
• Keeping track of insurance claims and representation in their resolution
• Preparation of documents for owners’ association meetings and attendance
• Preparation of price offers for the owners’ association and individual owners
• Mediation of legal assistance
• Representation at local offices and with suppliers of services

• We provide complete accountancy in compliance with current laws and norms
• General bookkeeping
• Bookkeeping of advance payments from owners and their overpayments / underpayments together with the final settlement
• Recapitulation of the repair fund for the next period