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Asset Protection

In cooperation with the Polverini Strnad law firm, we offer asset protection (AP) services to our clients. AP is a set of legal tools that protect clients and their property from everyday risks. AP services can protect you, e.g.:

▪ in complicated inheritance proceedings
▪ from an insolvent inherited estate
▪ from ungrateful inheritors
▪ from real estate theft
▪ from risks related to a spouse’s business activities
▪ from insufficiently narrowed matrimonial property (MP)
▪ from consequences of envy and slander by third parties
▪ from many other events that cannot be insured against

AP includes:

▪ assessment of the client's current level of asset protection
▪ proposal of tailored AP services
▪ implementing AP

Tailored AP services may include simple measures, such as the Service for Monitoring of Changes in the Cadastre of Real Estate (provided by the State Administration of Land Surveying and Cadastre for CZK 200 per year for 20 properties), or more sophisticated services, such as AP Intentional Encumbrance (starting from CZK 1,650 per month), or AP Discrete Administration (from CZK 5,600 per month).

We recommend that our clients procure AP services when they are acquiring property, in particular right before they sign a purchase contract. Importantly, arranging AP services does not slow down the process of buying a property.