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Property Management

Svoboda & Williams offers comprehensive property and technical management services in Czech and English. We have many years of experience managing Prague properties, and as of 2018 we have been managing properties in Brno and other Czech locations. Our services are primarily used by private investors, individual property owners and owners’ associations. We provide property management services for individual apartments as well as economic and technical management and maintenance for whole buildings. Our services include cleaning and gardening.

Services for Property Owners

Should you decide to work with the Svoboda & Williams property management team, you are sure to find your property rented out to credit-worthy tenants soon. We are top professionals in the field of real estate rental services, always dedicated to looking for the best and most efficient solution for you.

Individual unit management
Do you have an empty apartment that you don’t know what to do with? Do you have bad experience with your current tenants?
• We will find a reliable, credit-worthy tenant for you.
• We will turn you vacant apartment into a source of stable, long term income.
• If maintenance or a cleaning is needed, we will take care of it as soon as possible.

Management of commercial space
• Guarantee of maximum occupancy by credit-worthy tenants
• Negotiation of lease conditions
• Telephone support line for tenants
• Technical support and maintenance of the space
• Fit-outs and small renovations according to the wishes of the owners/tenants

Building management
• Technical audit
• Check and organization of all necessary revisions
• Building management for owners’ associations
• Calculation of advance payments 
• Record keeping of tenants and owners

Economic Management and Accountancy

For individual investors, building owners and owners’ associations, we provide complete economic management and accountancy. We will review the current financial situation associated with the building in question and calculate optimal deposits for utilities that will be settled afterwards.

Economic Management
• Setting advance payments, contributions and other payments
• Tenants and owners’ records
• Preparation and settlement of final accountancy (settlement of underpayments and overpayments)
• Check of invoices and operating costs
• Debt collection
• Dealing with insurance issues
• Keeping track of insurance claims and representation in their resolution
• Preparation of documents for owners’ association meetings and attendance
• Preparation of price offers for the owners’ association and individual owners
• Mediation of legal assistance
• Representation at local offices and with suppliers of services

• We provide complete accountancy in compliance with current laws and norms
• General bookkeeping
• Bookkeeping of advance payments from owners and their overpayments / underpayments together with the final settlement

Technical Management and Maintenance

For the trouble-free operation of your property we provide comprehensive technical management and maintenance according to the individual needs of the client.

Technical Management and Maintenance
• Recording and organizing of all necessary revisions
• Maintenance and repairs of technical devices
• Non-stop lift service
• Keeping online records of revisions and maintenance
• Professional maintenance of the boiler room, ventilation and A/C
• Meter readings (water, heating)
• Optimization of technical operating costs
• Arrangement of all kinds of repairs

Cleaning Services
• Regular cleaning of the building
• Parking garage pressure washing
• Outdoor cleaning in front of the building and in the courtyard
• Removal of snow and salting of the pavements
• Washing of windows and frames in common areas
• General cleaning of common areas

Garden Upkeep
• Regular mowing
• Weeding; lawn & flowerbed fertilization
• Lawn aeration
• Grass sowing
• Raking and disposal of dead leaves
• Tree and bush trimming
• Trimming of hedges
• Landscaping with mulch

Construction Project Management

Complete project management from preparation to realization to putting the building into operation

Pricing consultations
* Construction budget
* Pricing and technical supervision during the whole construction process
* Statements processing
* Overseeing enquiries and offers
* Organization of competitive tendering and evaluation thereof
* Checking of invoices
* Checking of all contractual additions

Contractual and banking supervision
* Checking of construction documentation
* Checking of all contracts
* Incorporation of decisions of relevant authorities
* Overseeing changes and construction progress
* Regular reporting

Occupational health and safety management and fire protection
* Occupational health and safety management and fire protection documentation processing
* Overseeing communication with regional Labour Inspectorate
* Overseeing construction

Property Management Fees

Management for property owners and building owners’ associations:

- 1900 CZK/month fixed plus VAT if not rented
- 9% of the rent monthly plus VAT if rented


- 2900 CZK/month fixed plus VAT if not rented

- 9% of the property price per month plus VAT if rented

Rental commission in case of managed unit is 50 % of one month´s rent plus VAT

Customized packages - fees for building management are determined on a case-by-case basis depending on the requirements of the property owner and the size and condition of the property. Please contact us for individual offer:

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Tel.: +420 257 328 281

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