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Marketing Services

The Svoboda & Williams Real Estate Agency offers the extra added value of an effective marketing strategy thanks to which your offer will reach the desired target group of those interested in buying or renting a property.

The trilingual website is perceived by experts as well as clients as the key web portal for selling and buying high-end property in Prague. Its basis is a comprehensive online database of properties currently available. The website is developed according to latest trends and requirements in online searching and offers clearly structured information and quality photos for each property. The, and websites, which together constitute the Svoboda & Williams Media Unlimited Group, generate over 200 000 visits per month.

Direct Mail
Svoboda & Williams conducts long-term monitoring of demand in the area of high-end property in the Prague real estate market. At the same time, the company builds a unique database which includes almost 20 000 profiled contacts, among others, managers of important Czech and international companies and businesses, chamber and board members as well as private investors. Svoboda & Williams addresses all its contacts by means of its monthly newsletters.

Print Advertising
The Svoboda & Williams real estate company is an important advertiser in top Czech real estate magazines. It advertises on 40 pages of the ESTATE magazine each month. Its property offer is also featured regularly in the Luxury Guide, Dolce Vita and Choice lifestyle magazines. Select properties are also featured in the Luxusní nemovitosti, Real City and Grand Reality real estate journals.

Public Relations
Svoboda & Williams is proud of its long-term cooperation with top Czech daily newspapers (Hospodářské noviny, Dnes, Lidové noviny), important news, specialized and lifestyle magazines and web-portals (Euro, Forbesm ZEN, City Life, Stavební fórum and others) and independent journalists focusing on real estate. Exceptional properties and projects presented under the Svoboda & Williams brand are also written about in prestigious foreign periodicals (The New York Times, The Financial Times, The Observer, The Guardian). The Svoboda & Williams senior consultants regularly comment on the current real estate trends in the Czech media and are often invited to real estate conferences.

Outdoor Advertising
The properties on offer are further made visible via large format banners on building facades and via billboards placed at key Prague locations. Another specific Svoboda & Williams marketing channel are its clearly branded MINI cars.