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Uomo Napoletano

Located in the city center of Prague is the Italian menswear boutique, Uomo Napoletano.

This elegant store wishes to point the men of Bohemia in the right direction when it comes to style and fashion, they wish to teach them about the fine art of dressing well, and to enjoy doing it – since shopping, fashion and cultivating a special look and style really is fun. This fresh new concept focuses on high quality men's fashion trends produced entirely in Italy, mostly from Naples (you can find there such luxury brands as Isaia Napoli, one of the world's top manufacturers of men's formal fashion – the brand is famous for the exclusive materials used and their perfectly fitting cuts). Napoli, as well as the whole of southern Italy, has always been renowned for the quality of handmade suits created in the golden hands of the area's best tailors. The precision with which the suits, jackets, shirts, and trousers are sewn corresponds to the highest quality on the fashion market. This tradition, which is passed from generation to generation is still alive today, and thanks to Uomo Napoletano, you can now purchase such luxury haute couture suits in Prague. Thanks to the stylists at Uomo Napoletano, men in Prague can learn how to dress elegantly and stylishly – most of all the stylists wish to “beautify and highlight the advantages of each of our customers,” meaning that you will not only be fashionable, you will also be highlighting your physical assets and will be doing so comfortably, which ultimately leads to sexy self confidence. The importance of high quality, well-fitting suits is becoming more and more important to men – visit Uomo Napoletano in Prague and you will not be disappointed. Visit their showroom today, view their collections, consult with fashion consultants – or should you need Uomo Napoletano to come to you, they are happy to bring select pieces to your home or office – perfect for busy professionals. Let Uomo Napoletano turn you into a well-suited gentleman.

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    Truhlářská 27,Praha 1,Pařížská 30,Praha 1
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