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The unique concept of the Sokolovská studio comprises renowned brands, each of them offering bathroom / interior products of the highest quality.

In case you are interested, simply visit the studio where you can witness firsthand the abundance of home products. The showroom, which is housed directly in their studio, will charm you with the attractive expositions of the represented brands. You can also discuss all your demands and expectations with interior designers and construction professionals in one of the five meeting rooms. The studio offers products from brands such as Keraservis, DEHO, Supellex, Hager, Atlas Concorde, and HELUZ. Thanks to this amount of great companies you can pick what is best for you from a complete assortment, including bricks, glass bricks, wall and floor tilling, mosaics, sofas, kitchens and also the elementary pieces, such as switches and sockets. You can talk about all your requirements relating to housing and design with professionals from several companies such as: DNA Designs (original beton concrete stairs), Kasper (exclusive grills from stainless steel & design flowerpots), Euroservis (various types of doors & windows, high quality materials, modern technologies), iNels (innovative concept of intelligent buildings), and the Němec company (luxury floors). All of those companies are conveniently situated under one roof, in the Functionalist Sokolovská 98/96 building, which was built by the famous architects Ernst Mühlstein and Victor Fürth. Sokolovská Street is set in the heart of the lively, sought after and quickly developing Prague quarter of Karlín. The studio, therefore, boasts the perfect setting and an attractive atmosphere, created by the ingenious combination of preserved Functionalism and modern trends. 

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    Sokolovská 98/96,186 00 Praha - Karlín
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