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Thanks to the wide selection of sea cruises offered by the Czech ESO travel agency, which placed second in the ranking of best travel agencies in the Czech Republic for 2011 compiled by TTG, you can set off for all four corners of the world.

Those who have once succumbed to the charm of traveling and discovering new places will certainly be attracted by world cruises offered by ESO travel in the length of 112 and 101 days. The longer voyage includes a stay on the five-star Queen Elizabeth luxury boat on which you can spend your free time in dance lessons, gambling in a casino, reading a book from a library that has about 6,000 volumes of books, play paddle tennis, swim, be pampered during a massage or in a hair salon or do any other of the wide range of free time activities, not mentioning the marvelous places that you will be able to see and visit all over the world during the nearly four-month-long cruise. If you have an adventurous heart, how about setting off for the icy north and exploring icy formations and observing arctic foxes, walruses, seals and polar bears? If you love Asia, you should not miss the cruise through China’s inland that involves also a tour of Peking and of one of the seven new wonders of the world, the Great Wall of China. Nevertheless, that is not where the offer of ESO travel’s cruises ends. The overview of all destinations and detailed information about each cruise, as well as exotic vacation packages can be found on the travel agency’s website. Have the time of your life with ESO travel!

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