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Residential project, Harrachov - Semily | 2
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2nd phase launched

TRIO Harrachov

Semily, Harrachov

Unit Usable area Balcony Parking Purchase price
studio, ground floor, 1, building C 52 m2 18 m2 Yes sold
2-bedroom, ground floor, 2, building C 85 m2 22 m2 Yes reserved
1-bedroom, 1st floor, 3, building C 86 m2 12 + 2 m2 Yes sold
studio, 1st floor, 4, building C 25 m2 8 m2 Yes sold
studio, 1st floor, 5, building C 38 m2 2 m2 Yes sold
studio, 1st floor, 6, building C 33 m2 - Yes sold
2-bedroom, 2nd floor, 7, building C 68 m2 11 m2 Yes sold
studio, 2nd floor, 8, building C 40 m2 2 m2 Yes sold
1-bedroom, 3rd floor, 9, building C 51 m2 2 m2 Yes sold
1-bedroom, 3rd floor, 10, building C 48 m2 2 + 8 m2 Yes sold
1-bedroom, 3rd floor, 11, building C 45 m2 2 + 8 m2 Yes sold
studio, 3rd floor, 12, building C 34 m2 2 m2 Yes sold
1-bedroom, 4th floor, 13, building C 88 m2 - Yes sold
1-bedroom, ground floor, byt B1, building B 77 m2 30 m2 Yes sold
studio, ground floor, B2, building B 22 m2 12 m2 Yes € 122 192
1-bedroom, ground floor, byt B3, building B 90 m2 13 m2 Yes € 245 941
studio, ground floor, B4, building B 37 m2 9 m2 Yes € 157 594
studio, 1st floor, B5, building B 31 m2 - Yes € 145 076
studio, 1st floor, B6, building B 33 m2 9 m2 Yes € 169 641
studio, 2st floor, B7, building B 37 m2 9 m2 Yes reserved
studio, 2nd floor, B8, building B 31 m2 - Yes € 145 076
studio, 2nd floor, B9, building B 33 m2 9 m2 Yes € 184 976
studio, 4th floor, B10, building B 83 m2 8 m2 Yes sold
1-bedroom, 3rd floor, B11, building B 49 m2 3 m2 Yes sold
studio, 3rd floor, B12, building B 37 m2 3 m2 Yes € 182 232
studio, 3rd floor, B13, building B 31 m2 - Yes € 147 032
2-bedroom, 3rd floor, B14, building B 59 m2 8 m2 Yes € 241 143
studio, 2nd floor, S1, building B 50 m2 - Yes € 167 752
studio, 2nd floor, S2, building B 38 m2 - Yes € 138 515
1-bedroom, ground floor, byt A1, building A 85 m2 9 m2 Yes sold
studio, ground floor, byt A2, building A 24 m2 20 m2 Yes reserved
1-bedroom, ground floor, byt A3, building A 103 m2 9 + 35 m2 Yes reserved
studio, 1stfloor, byt A4, building A 36 m2 3 m2 Yes € 175 159
2-bedroom, 1st floor, byt A5, building A 68 m2 11 m2 Yes reserved
studio, 2nd floor, A6, building A 39 m2 3 m2 Yes reserved
2-bedroom, 2nd floor, byt A7, building A 68 m2 11 m2 Yes sold
studio, 3rd floor, A8, building A 32 m2 3 m2 Yes reserved
1-bedroom, 3rd floor, byt A9, building A 43 m2 8 + 3 m2 Yes sold
1-bedroom, 3rd floor, byt A10, building A 47 m2 8 + 3 m2 Yes sold
1-bedroom, 3rd floor, byt A11, building A 49 m2 3 m2 Yes sold
studio, 2nd floor, byt S1, building A 50 m2 - Yes € 230 172
studio, 2nd floor, byt S2, building A 32 m2 - Yes € 174 055
studio, ground floor, 15, building B 102 m2 19 m2 Yes € 261 171

A family mountain home, where you can take a break from everyday worries. Head out to the ski slopes, which are just 200 meters away, or do you prefer cross-country skiing? What about riding the cable car up to the mountains for a nice walk, or biking on the trails through the deep forests? In the apartments of the TRIO Harrachov complex, you will not only find a second home, but thanks to their suitability for renting out, they are also an interesting investment opportunity.
The date of completion of the project depends on the weather conditions in the mountains. Ideally, the units in the first residence will be handed over before Christmas 2019, or no later than in the summer of the following year. The completion of the two remaining residences is scheduled for June 2022.

The project, set in the heart of Harrachov, was designed by Michal Kasik's Prague studio, ArchiSPACE. The complex, inspired by the typical architecture of the Krkonoše region, will consist of a trio of five-story buildings, together with 44 attractive apartments. Almost all of the units will have a terrace, or a balcony, and will face south or southeast. Windows will overlook a future square or a wooded slope.

The Apartments:
The layout of the apartments will be from studios to 2-bedrooms with a floor area from 25 sq. m. to 88 sq. m. The apartments are offered in a finished state, with a preparation for a kitchen and with complete sanitary equipment (shower, sink, toilet). Features will include wooden floors in the living areas, ceramic tiles in the bathroom, triple-glazed wooden windows with thermal and acoustic insulation, and security entrance doors. Heating will be provided by a central gas boiler. Most of theunits come with a spacious cellar, perfect for storing bicycles, skis, and other sports or children's equipment. Possibility to purchase parking space at extra cost with apartments from the first phase. In the sedond phase of the project a parking space is included in the purchase price.

The Location:
The place where graf Harrach introduced skis for the first time in the Czech lands gradually became one of the three most popular mountain resorts in the Krkonoše Mountains, with a complete infrastructure and excellent conditions for a wide range of sports activities throughout the year. The complex is located at the foot of Hřebínek Mountain, 200 meters from the cable car and ski slopes. Within walking distance (600 m), there is also a cable car station leading to the popular Devil's Mountain. Other easy-to-reach activities include golf (9-hole course with indoor simulator), a bobsleigh track, a rope center, a swimming pool, an indoor pool, or paragliding. The main promenade is close-by, but the complex is in a quiet location. There is a restaurant near the future complex, and others are in close proximity, as well as grocery stores, a post office, or ATMs. Among the town's attractions are the Mammoth jumping bridge, the glass or ski museum, or the beautiful Mumlava Waterfalls. From Prague, the town of Harrachov can be comfortably reached by car in two hours.

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Address Semily, Harrachov
Parking Garage and outside parking
Building Energy Rating B
Reference number 30455

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