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05. January 2017

Svoboda & Williams Gets Exclusive Instruction to Lease Offices in ARA Palace

The Svoboda & Williams real estate company has received the exclusive instruction to mediate the lease of office space in the ARA Palace, a renowned Functionalist building from the 1930s, located in the city center of Prague on the corner of Perlová and 28. října streets.

Svoboda & Williams will offer a total of cca. 2600 sq. m. of representative office space covering five floors, the smallest possible unit for lease being one whole story, amounting approximately to 450 sq. m. The tenants of the top floor will be able to enjoy a spacious terrace and eye-catching views of Prague landmarks such as the Castle District (Hradčany) or Na Příkopě Street. The owner of the palace, the Austrian investor ECE European City Estates, will begin a complete renovation of the building in August 2017. New tenants will be able to start moving into the reconstructed building in the spring of the following year.

The ARA Palace, whose design features contributions of architects František Řehák and Milan Babuška, was built in the 1930s when it replaced an older, Neoclassical building. The palace, having originally served as a department store, is nowadays one of the most significant Functionalist structures in the Czech Republic. 

Svoboda & Williams Gets Exclusive Instruction to Lease Offices in ARA Palace

02. January 2017

Cyril Dejanovski Joins Svoboda & Williams

As of the beginning of 2017, Cyril Dejanovski has been named the new business director of the Svoboda & Williams real estate company.

Before joining Svoboda & Williams, Cyril Dejanovski spent almost 3 years working for the VCES Property Development company. As a general manager, he oversaw residential projects, worth more than CZK 2 bn and, at the same time, was responsible for the development of the company in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Cyril Dejanovski has a total of 11 years' experience in the field of real estate development, investment and consultancy, both in the commercial and the residential segment. His track record includes companies such as Deloitte, the Colliers International company, GE Capital Real Estate and Avestus Real Estate.

"In connection with the rapid growth of Svoboda & Williams, I had been feeling a growing need to pass at least a part of my responsibilities and powers to someone else," said Prokop Svoboda, Managing Partner at Svoboda & Williams, commenting on the appointment of the new business director. "Thanks to his know-how and rich corporate experience, Cyril Dejanovski proved to be the best possible candidate. What's more, we have managed to find a common vision of the future development and direction of Svoboda & Williams," added Prokop Svoboda.

Cyril Dejanovski Joins Svoboda & Williams

06. December 2016

10 Years of Svoboda & Williams – An Interview with Prokop Svoboda and Marion Williams

The Svoboda & Williams real estate agency celebrated 10 years since its foundation this year. On this occasion, Prokop Svoboda, the Managing Partner at Svoboda & Williams, and Marion Williams, the Senior Partner in this company answered a few of our questions.

Could you compare and contrast Svoboda & Williams 10 years ago versus nowadays? What are the main differences?

PS: The whole real estate trade has become much more professional and standardized, the key to success nowadays lies in details rather than in basic concepts. At the same time, it’s much bigger business now. Our clientele has changed significantly – while in the beginning most of Svoboda & Williams's clients were expats, during the last few years Czech clients have certainly taken over the reins. Our team has matured – many of those who started with us 10 years ago are now in senior positions and are true pillars of our team.

MW: 10 years ago, we were primarily a residential leasing agency, now we offer full service – both sales and leasing, both residential and commercial, property management, investment management, serviced apartment rentals and other services. At the same time, we have been expanding into different regions, for example, we now have a Brno branch.

PS: In summary, we are nowadays definitely more sophisticated and experienced but there is also more stress and some grey hair.

Just a few years after Svoboda & Williams was founded, in 2009, the economic crisis hit hard. What do you think the main factor was which helped Svoboda & Williams get over the crisis in good health?

PS: Good health is perhaps a bit too strong... it was mainly hard work, no weekends or vacations – we also worked on the streamlining of our company processes. In the long run, it certainly paid off that we kept our position in the market and did not cut our team, nor did we cut down on the marketing budget.

MW: It was our focus on what the needs of the market were and the fact that we were prepared to serve those needs. We launched Feelhome – our brand for accessible housing, went into commercial leasing, property management, and changed the overall orientation of our business toward the local market.

What do you think makes Svoboda & Williams stand out among its competitors?

MW: Marketing, vision, and courage to take the next step.

PS: We stand out because we offer our clients true full service, as well as thanks to our effective and distinctive marketing communication. Our biggest asset is, however, the Svoboda & Williams brand which we managed to build from scratch and establish in the market.

2016 has been quite a busy year for Svoboda & Williams – we have seen a launch of a new website with responsive design and a new mobile app, many new projects for which Svoboda & Williams has exclusivity, etc., to name just a few highlights. Can you tell us something about the plans for 2017?

PS: Our goal is to strengthen the company know-how by expanding the management by new qualified experts – business development executives as well as new experts in market analysis advisory, development advisory and investment management.

Svoboda & Williams is 10 years old but both of you have been active in real estate for much longer. How did you end up in this business? Was it always your ambition or rather a coincidence?

PS: Nothing in life is a coincidence, things happen as they should.

MW: It was an evolution. For me it started in 1993 as an activity that became a commitment once there were employees. This was in about 1998, 5 years after the "activity" began. The activity was originally just something for me to do and earn some money. Real estate leasing and sales was what I knew from my time in New York and I sensed that the Czech market at that time needed a residential leasing agency.

What motivated you to start closely cooperating?

MW: Prokop's decision to make the commitment to developing the business in exchange for a full partnership. It was clear to me that this was a good move.

PS: It was a bit of a rational marriage – Marion already had a position in the Czech real estate market while I had a vision of further development.

Now that Svoboda & Williams is a significant name in the real estate market and is rapidly growing – do you ever have time to meet up outside of work? We know that you both like traveling – are there any other interests which you share?

MW: Although we enjoy each other, we rarely socialize together as time is scarce.

PS: We share a similar style of humor, that's all I can think of right now. Although Svoboda & Williams is slowly becoming corporate, there still remains a bit of a family vibe and so we occasionally like to go out for a drink with our colleagues. The last time the two of us saw each other outside the office was at the CIJ Awards Czech Republic gala where we were delighted to receive on behalf of Svoboda & Williams the Local Power Broker Team of the Year award. 

10 Years of Svoboda & Williams – An Interview with Prokop Svoboda and Marion Williams

28. November 2016

Svoboda & Williams Launches Sale of Units in Brno's Milhouse Project

The Svoboda & Williams real estate company launched the sale of units in the multifunctional Milhouse building, in which the T.E (Top.Estates) developer will offer stylish low-energy apartments and retail space.

The Milhouse project, constructed by the T.E (Top.Estates) development group according to the Chybik+Kristof Architects & Urban Designers studio concept, is in the vicinity of Brno's city center at the intersection of Mlýnská and Masná streets. The southeastern orientation of the building will lead to a large supply of natural light in the interiors and – in combination with the used technologies – to low operating costs. The building thus clearly reveals the vision of the T.E development group which specialises in high-end urban housing that is at the same time energy efficient. The apartments with layouts ranging from one-bedroom (2+kk) to three-bedroom (4+kk) will offer high quality facilities and furnishings, with some of them featuring also a terrace or balcony. Loft apartments, which will be situated in the upper floors, will feature large-scale windows and, therefore, will charm you with amazing views of Brno's dominants, such as the St. Peter and Paul Cathedral and Špilberk Castle.

The project is located within reach of important Brno business zones, in an area which is easily and quickly accessible both by public transport (buses, trams and trolleys) and car (direct connection to the main transport arteries). The surroundings of the building feature the main train and bus station as well as a wide range of amenities, including the Vaňkovka Gallery shopping center and the Letmo shopping center. Moreover, there is a bike path running along the nearby Svitava River.

Expected date of completion: December 2017

More information about the Milhouse project. 

Svoboda & Williams Launches Sale of Units in Brno's Milhouse Project

25. November 2016

Svoboda & Williams Winner of CIJ Award for Local Power Broker Team of the Year

The Svoboda & Williams real estate agency won the Local Power Broker Team of the Year category at the CIJ Awards Czech Republic 2016. The company has thereby successfully followed up on its winnings in the Best Local Real Estate Agency category between 2011 and 2014.

CIJ Awards Czech Republic are bestowed by the CIJ Journal, an international real estate magazine. This year's 16th annual CIJ Awards Czech Republic has seen exceptional projects, companies, personalities and transactions in the Czech real estate market awarded in 22 categories. The winners received their awards at the Prague Marriott Hotel on November 24, 2016.

"We would like to sincerely thank those who voted for us but also to our clients, owing to whom we have had a great year. We are delighted about our victory all the more as this year we are celebrating 10 years of Svoboda & Williams," says Marion Williams, the Senior Partner at Svoboda & Williams, commenting on the prestigious award.

Svoboda & Williams Winner of CIJ Award for Local Power Broker Team of the Year

02. November 2016

Home Care, Co-Produced by Svoboda & Williams, Among Most Celebrated Czech Movies in Recent Years

The Home Care (Domácí péče) movie, co-produced by Svoboda & Williams, has been awarded at prestigious film festivals across the US. Recently, the movie recieved the main prize in the Best Narrative Feature category at the Heartland Film Festival in Indianapolis.

The movie, directed by Slávek Horák, which stars top-class Czech actors and actresses, such as Alena Mihulová, Bolek Polívka, Tatiana Vilhelmová, Zuzana Kronerová and others, thus continues on its successful US film festival tour. Alena Mihulová recieved the Best Actress Award for her part in the movie while Horák received prestige for being listed in the 10 Directors to Watch in 2016 chart in the Variety magazine. Moreover, the movie won the World Cinema Best Picture Award at the Phoenix Film Festival.

The Home Care movie scores outside the United States as well – apart from the above-mentioned, it recieved the Best Actress Award for Alena Mihulová for her role in the movie at the prestigious Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, the Special Recognition Award at Festival International du Film d'Arras, the Young Audience Award at the Valladolid International Film Festival in Spain, the Film Distributors Award at the German Mannheim Internationales Filmfestival and also the Viewers' Award for the best foreign-language movie at the Vancouver International Film Festival. 

Home Care, Co-Produced by Svoboda & Williams, Among Most Celebrated Czech Movies in Recent Years

01. November 2016

As of November 1, Property Acquisition Tax to be Paid by Buyer

In connection with the legislative changes regulating the collection of the property acquisition tax, Svoboda & Williams displays prices of sales properties without this tax. The reason is that the payer of the property acquisition tax is, from this date on, always the buyer. What remains unchanged is the rate of the tax which amounts to 4% of the tax basis. The tax basis is either the sales price of the property, the usual local property price, or the price determined by an expert valuation, always the highest of these.

As of November 1, Property Acquisition Tax to be Paid by Buyer

24. October 2016

Svoboda & Williams Invites You to Seminar on Investment in Accolade Fund

Following the success of the previous sessions of this type, there will be another seminar concerning investment in the Accolade Industrial Fund, a fund of qualified investors at the Svoboda & Williams headquarters on November 9 from 10 a.m. The participants will obtain detailed information about this attractive investment opportunity with an annual profit of over 7%. Participants' questions will be answered directly by Milan Kratina, the founder of the fund. The main marketing partner of the Accolade Industrial Fund is Svoboda & Williams.

"The Accolade Fund has recently decided to acquire its first industrial park outside the Czech Republic, specifically in Poland. We will keep on deepening our activities in Poland with an aim to secure a robust, differentiated portfolio of tenants of the individual buildings owned by Accolade Fund. Among our tenants are first-class companies such as DHL, Ideal Automotive, BWI, Saint-Gobain or, for example, KION. To give you an idea, the clients of the Accolade Group currently employ nearly 650 000 people all around the world," says Milan Kratina, CEO of the Accolade Group.

The total value of the real estate portfolio of Accolade Fund currently exceeds 90 million euros. The fund is supervised by the Alter Domus company, one of the largest fund administrators in Europe, and is regularly audited by the KPMG company concurrently. It invests exclusively in premium industrial properties leased long-term to creditworthy companies from the field of light industry and logistics.

The seminar will be held at: Svoboda & Williams, Na Perštýně 2, Prague 1.

Kindly confirm your attendance at the seminar by email: or by phone: +(420) 702 214 328.

Svoboda & Williams Invites You to Seminar on Investment in Accolade Fund

23. October 2016

CZK 144 500 Raised in SVOBODA & WILLIAMS CUP 2016 Charity Football Match

On Saturday, October 22, the 4th annual charity indoor football tournament SVOBODA & WILLIAMS CUP took place at the Aréna Sparta – Podvinný mlýn. The tournament featured 12 participating teams representing important companies from the world of real estate. The raised amount of CZK 144 500 consisting of voluntary contributions of participating companies and charity raffle profits will support the Tereza Maxová Foundation, whose calling is to enable each child to grow up in a family. The amount was symbolically handed to Terezie Sverdlinová, the director of the foundation, and Renata Langmannová.

The participating teams represented Accolade – Panattoni, bpd development, CBRE, Colliers International, CPI PROPERTY GROUP, CRESTYL, CTP Invest, Cushman & Wakefield, Flow East, Jones Lang LaSalle, LEXXUS and the hosting Svoboda & Williams. The winner of the tournament and the new holder of the SVOBODA & WILLIAMS challenge cup was the Accolade - Panattoni team which beat the silver SVOBODA & WILLIAMS team in the tournament's final. The bronze medal went to CPI PROPERTY GROUP. The best player of the tournament award went to Jan Řehák from the CRESTYL team, while Aleš Zacha from the Accolade Panattoni team received the best goalkeeper of the tournament award.

This year's SVOBODA & WILLIAMS CUP achieved the highest charity profit since the tournament's inception, superseding last year's charity profit by almost CZK 50 000. Moreover, this year's tournament featured for the first time twelve participating teams as opposed to the traditional ten.

Fans and players could enjoy catering provided by Prague Catering and take part in a charity raffle with valuable prizes, including two vouchers from Invelt for renting a car with a full tank of gas for a weekend (amounting to CZK 8500), and two vouchers from Prague Stay (amounting to CZK 5000). Babysitting and fun activities for children during the tournament were provided by Tučňákov – a nursery with a unique programme of multisensory stimulation for children. Thanks to its contribution the tournament was – as is tradition – an event for the whole family.

The raffle prizes and prizes for awarded teams and individuals were kindly donated by ponsors of the tournament: Invelt, Lucy DiamondsCACAO PRAHA CAFÉ, TERIBEAR, La femme MiMi, BodyID, Soline, Rabbit Guides, Salon Petra Měchurová, Prosek Bob Sleigh Track, AMADEUS Musical, WEST SIDE STORY Musical, SMRŠŤ Publishing House, La Cave d’Adrien, Dobříš Chateau, Wine Society, LA BOHEME and Prague Stay. The sport aspect of the tournament was taken care of by CZech Sport Media.


CZK 144 500 Raised in SVOBODA & WILLIAMS CUP 2016 Charity Football Match

20. October 2016

Svoboda & Williams Becomes Exclusive Seller of the Jeseniova Penthouse

The Svoboda & Williams real estate company received an exclusive instruction to sell the Jeseniova Penthouse, a unique apartment with a roof garden, an indoor swimming pool and breathtaking views of the city of Prague.

The Jeseniova Penthouse was created by connecting the top floors of two neighboring apartment buildings, with a main goal to provide a comfortable, inspiring space, ideal for an active lifestyle. The future owner will be charmed by gorgeous views of Prague from all rooms, a swimming pool situated in a glazed hall, a billiard hall, fitness zone, and high standard furnishings and facilities. All of this and much more covering a layout of 1197 sq. meters, including the garden and terraces. The extraordinary interior (572 sq. meters), combining modern design with Art Deco elements, is complete with a large landscaped roof garden that includes a pergola, fireplace, and an automatic watering system. Moreover, the owners will have 2+2 parking places in underground garages, which are linked with the interior via an elevator secured with touch sensors, at their disposal. The Jeseniova Penthouse is located within reach of the wooded Vítkov Hill in a peaceful residential area, bordering on the large Parukářka Park. The penthouse offers easy access to the city center of Prague, which is within a comfortable walking distance of only 10 minutes.

Official website: Jeseniova Penthouse

Svoboda & Williams Becomes Exclusive Seller of the Jeseniova Penthouse

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