Preschools in Prague

Tučňákov – Private Kindergarten and Nursery

Address: Běchovická 1498/24, Praha 10, +420 775 729 996,, 

Tučňákov, a private kindergarten and nursery, will take care of your children with the utmost care as the first kindergarten in Prague working with a unique system of multi-sensorial stimulation of children.

Through systematical engaging of all the senses, children discover the world around them in a faster, deeper and more effective way. This unique concept creates a free passage of fantasy and children's natural curiosity, both of which support the process of cognition and positive education. The whole team at Tučňákov has a kind attitude towards the children, full of energy and joy. Thanks to that, there is always warm family atmosphere and the children integrate easily and look forward to every day spent in the kindergarten. Tučňákov offers a wonderfully furnished base with modern components, a large garden (1500 m2), specifically designed utilities and also a healthy and attractive menu, which is, in consultation with a nutritional specialist, compiled especially for kids. Besides lunch, the children are provided with fresh fruit and vegetables. The kindergarten boasts a wide range of both traditional and new cultural events, such as birthday parties, an Easter workshop for children and parents, Mother's Day and Father’s Day, carnivals, kite flying, St. Nicholas Day, Olympiad sporting events, many day trips, and more. The kids can also enjoy an abundance of additional activities and courses, including yoga, gardening, cooking and singing, dancing school, storytelling, etc. What is more, the day program of the kindergarten emphasizes on English blocks with a native speaker. Tučňákov offers two options of attendance – a half-day and an all-day attendance – and also private babysitting. In case you decide to entrust your children to the care of Tučňákov, you can be sure they are taken care of with thoughtfulness and joy. As Magda Bartošová, the author and project director herself, says, the time spent with children is full of joy and genuinely enriching.