Smart Home Technology

Insight Home

Address: Antala Staška 1565/30, Praha 4, +420 603 525 050, 

Insight Home, a renowned company, operates in the field of technical management of buildings and home automation control, known as "smart living technologies."

In 2015 and 2016, this company received a unique spot among the Best 100 Czech Companies. The newest technologies, which we use in our cars, smartphones and PCs on a daily basis, have penetrated also into our offices and homes during the last few years. And this technological progress is the domain of the Insight Home company, which operates not only in the Czech Republic, but also in Slovakia, Poland and Russia. Since 2009, the company has implemented over 100 exclusive residential villas and many other projects, including the automation realization & control of the Proton Therapy Center and the Black Swan Gallery in Prague. Insight Home cooperates with top architectural studios and participates on residential projects of the DARAMIS, PENTA and SATPO companies. The complex services of the Insight Home company consist of consultation and project design alongside with complete implementation of electrical wiring, security systems, measurement and control technologies and also the concept and supply of first-class audio-visual solutions of interiors and lighting. What is more, the company offers an excellent system of post-warranty and customer service. Whereas most people spend about 80% of their time inside buildings, smart living technologies are quickly developing and becoming a huge trend in modern living and offices. Another aspect worth considering is the reduction of operating costs. You can enjoy savings of nearly one-third thanks to an effective system of heating, cooling, air ventilation, lighting and shading. In case you are still having some doubts about smart living technologies, visit the Center of Inspiration for Technologies of Innovative Buildings (CITIB), which was nominated for the prestigious Grand Prix of Czech Architects in 2009. You can arrange a personal viewing by simply contacting the number listed above.