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Puro Gelato

Address: Výtoň branch: Na Hrobci 410/1, Praha 2, +420 721 438 209; Vinohrady branch: Rybalkova 29, Praha 10, +420 773 763 132, +420 732 894 888; Slovanský dům branch: Na Příkopě 22, Praha 1, +420 721 438 209; www.purogelato.cz 

If there’s something that is guaranteed to lift your mood anytime, any day, it’s a scoop of delicious ice cream. Or even better, authentic Italian gelato. Head out to one of Puro Gelato’s ice cream parlors and satisfy your sweet tooth!

Puro Gelato combines respect for the environment and high-quality homemade Italian gelato. Founder Ludmila Abrhám studied at the most prestigious Italian culinary school specializing in this refreshing treat, where she learned all of the secrets you need to know in order to prepare this authentic Italian ice cream. After many years spent studying and working in various restaurants, she decided to found her own brand—Puro Gelato – Puro—because she wanted to create a product that would feature manifold natural flavors without a single drop of chemical additives. Sample their hand-mixed gelato and you will taste the natural ingredients that go into making it supplied by small local growers, such as high-quality milk from a Czech dairy farm. Puro Gelato’s main confectioner is an Italian, who, together with Ludmila, oversees each batch, making sure that the recipes are authentic and followed to the letter. Their gelato is perfectly creamy, flavorful, and just cold enough to eat right away. Ludmila’s ice cream is so delicious that it won the preliminary round of the world championship in Rimini, so stop by for some award-winning gelato at one of Puro Gelato’s ice cream parlors. Their gelato is made fresh daily and you can also order some online, where it is sold under the Familato brand. Puro Gelato can supply their tasty ice cream at weddings, children’s birthday parties, or corporate events. You don’t actually need an excuse to have some Italian gelato though, so don’t overthink it and head on down to Puro Gelato today.