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Fly to an exotic destination with the Fischer travel agency and enjoy the most beautiful places in the world.

Do you love a clean turquoise sea and white sandy beaches? Do you like to taste exotic dishes and learn about the history and culture of other places? Then set off for the Dominican Republic, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Cuba, Mexico or other attractive destinations with the Fischer travel agency. Fischer will fulfill all your individual wishes and provide services of the highest quality. These include, for example, VIP comfort at the airport and on board the aircraft or arrangement of an individual transfer in Prague. The travel agency also offers “last minute” deals on travel packages to exotic destinations and tours all over the world. If you need to relax from a demanding job and at the same time do not have the possibility to take a longer time off, take advantage of the wide offer of city breaks that Fischer can accommodate to your individual wishes. You can set off, for example, for an exciting sports match, opera performance or to Disneyland Paris with your children. Fischer also offers golf vacations for professionals and beginners in the best golf resorts. The Fischer travel agency has branches all over Prague and the Czech Republic. In order to purchase an exotic vacation package you can also use the free-of-charge nonstop info line.