Let MASTER DESIGN architectural studio create your dream home – a home on a perfect plot of land, with perfect interior / exterior design and orientation, and in perfect harmony with its surroundings.

Unlike other studios, MASTER DESIGN puts emphasis on a close cooperation of the whole team. Thanks to that, a professional group of architects, engineers, graphic designers and technologists participate in each project, finding many possible solutions and, after consulting with the client, choose the best one, which will meet all your needs and wishes. The success of the above-mentioned procedure projects into the incredibly quick development of the studio. It was established in 2010 by Michal Janáč and Jan Jadrníček, both of whom were fresh graduates from engineering university at that time. Originally, their first intent was to design small standardized houses for young people like themselves, with rather small budgets. However, the Janáč & Jadrníček duo moved from typified houses to individual, larger projects quite quickly and began to create specific design buildings. Thanks to hard work, passion for architecture and desire to constantly improve and develop, the MASTER DESIGN studio expanded to Brno in 2013 and added another branch in České Budějovice one year later. Together with the Prague and Ostrava-based branches, MASTER DESIGN has four offices and boasts a portfolio of more than 150 implemented buildings in the Czech Republic, Germany, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. By means of complex services, which can be divided into 9 phases, the studio will ensure that the construction of your new house goes smoothly, from the vacant lot selection to the final approval. The 9 phases include an initial non-biding meeting, during which you will be given the space to express your ideas, expectations and financial possibilities, followed by professional assistance with the selection of the perfect plot, building feature specification and a concrete price offer. After that, the studio creates architectural studies, turning all your requirements into a functional and original design, then provides you with photorealistic visualizations and an interior study. After the next phase, the project preparation, obtaining a building permit and other administration, the construction, carried out by an external company (under supervision) or the MASTER DESIGN company, finally begins. In case you are dreaming of a new, perfect home, contact the MASTER DESIGN studio and let their professional team of architects materialize all your needs and wishes.  

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